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Tablescape Thursday

This tablescape was done with my wedding china, crystal and silver. The bride in the picture is me!

Bob and I were married in 1977. The year before we married, my Grandmother Holt passed away. She left me her wedding china which is what Bob and I decided we would use for our wedding china. My grandfather purchased this china when he was stationed in England during WWII. It is Elegance by Sheffield. He would buy pieces and then send it to my grandmother.

Our silver is Cherbrough by Oneida. It is actually stainless which I love. Bob's mom bought us the silver chest we store it in for a shower gift.

The glassware was purchased in Chicago. We actually found it on the back of a box of detergent! The glass is etched with an Old English "S". Even though it is just plain glassware, it has lasted 32 years! It is all about taking care of your stuff!

Don't you love the little nut cups? They have a little slot in the back for a name tag. I purchased them while attending my first year of college (also my first year as a wife!). I thought they were so charming!

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  1. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Terri, your table setting is so romantic and beautiful! I love the little nut cups and your stemware. You are so right, it is important to take care of what you have if you want it to last.


  2. What a beautiful bride you were, Terri...I enlarged the picture to look at your veil...I'm a veil nut...your table is simply beautiful, too...

  3. How nice to have things that have been passed down. I have a set of silver that I received from my aunt. I really treasure it.

  4. What a treasure you have in your grandmother's china. I love the story of your grandfather selecting the pieces to send back to her. The nut cups are adorable! You did a great job of finding those and recognizing their charm. It's wonderful that they can be used as place settings, too.

    Beautiful bride! I wore a hat much like that as a bridesmaid about the same year.

  5. What a beautiflu story behind the photo's. I love the glassware - we're "S" too!

  6. Miss Terri, How precious! I love tablescapes around romance! ;) You'll love my Nostalgic Tablescape post today...it just took place yesterday and I'm still "heart moved" by it... ~CC Catherine

  7. How pretty everything looks! I love the white, it looks very elegant. Sweet tablesetting.

  8. Terri, this china pattern is appropriately named. It is so elegant, and how wonderful that it was your grandmothers and that it was sent to her by your grandfather. Your table looks so pretty, and you were a beautiful bride. Your little nut cups are so pretty, and I think (with a little spoon), they could be wonderful salt cellars too. laurie

  9. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Very beautiful and what special memories.

  10. Terri, what a beautiful table. So calming....so lovely.

    I had the Cherbrough pattern for years and years!

  11. My grandmother died when my mother was eight years old, so I never met her, but I do have a beautiful painting of her that I inherited when my own mother passed two years ago this May. It is a very special table you have set and I think your grandmother would feel very honored that you appreciate her special china that she left you.

  12. Terri, love the table setting...what a treasure you have! and those little nut cups are to die for...

  13. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Your table is lovely! Such a wonderful gift your grandmother left you.

  14. Terri, Your table is beautiful; the china, glassware, silver, and those nut cups are adorable.

  15. Terri,

    Your china was truly a wonderful gift, so elegant & pretty. Imagine if Grandma Holt knew you were sharing it with a ton of bloggers on the internet!!

    The wedding picture was the crowning touch of your tablescape, tying the whole romantic knot (!) together. And the nut cups are precious!


  16. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Your table with your wedding china is very pretty. I love the shape of the goblets. Happy TT!

  17. Running late this week visiting blogs....again...a vey romantic table...beautiful!
    Hope you had a great Tablescape Thursday

  18. Your table is beautiful. I love your wedding china!

  19. How wonderful that you have your Grandmother's china. And you use it beautifully!

    Lovely table... very serene and gracious looking.

    I've got a giveaway on my blog right now, if you want to stop by and check it out!

  20. I love those plates! And I'm not easily impressed with patterns. Terri, beautiful wedding china...

    Carolyn of What Now? Tablescapes

  21. Gorgeous....everything, including you!


  22. Very pretty table, nice that you are using things you had and loving them.
    Linda Q

  23. Anonymous12:21 AM

    I love it that you share, use, enjoy and LOVE your wedding china--which has such wonderful family history!

    We were married in 1968 and sadly, did not receive many of the china pieces for which we registered. Years later (well only three!) my MIL found out our pattern (a Noritake number) had been discontinued. So she searched high and low until she found a similar pattern--then she bought three place settings and I (we were BROKE--just out of college at CMSU!) scraped up enought money to buy three more place settings. Years later, when I wanted to add to my place settings, I found out that this pattern had also been discontinued! YET, one day I was at a flea mkt and I spotted pieces of my china. I went home and told my hubs about what I had found. We returned to the flea mkt and made an offer on the china and brought the entire lot home with us. I don't use those dishes often (and thanks to your inspiration--I WILL!) but when I do I think of our humble beginnings and my wonderful MIL.


  24. Terri,
    Just beautiful and elegant and timeless. I really love the story behind it, what a treasure to have. You were ahead of the curve, already looking for nut cups in college--how cool is that! Cindy

  25. Very pretty! And I do love the nut cups!

  26. I used your beautiful flowers as one of our centerpieces of the month.
    You always have something fun and fancy!


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