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Outdoor Wednesday

I came upon this clump of grass while walking my dog in my neighborhood. I immediately told Bob that we needed to landscape for the winter as well as the summer. We have planned to add some grasses to our gardens to help with our winter landscape.

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  1. I like it. My brother laughs at me but I see the beauty in MOST things :) Nice picture.

  2. Landscape grass is great! Your picture shows it off very nicely.

  3. Those ornamental grasses can be so lovely. I don't wonder that you'd wish to plant some. Here, it would just be buried in snow.

  4. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Good Morning, Such a pretty picture. We have a few grasses that add interest to the landscape in the Winter. My favorite is Miscanthus "Morning Light."

  5. Grasses are a wonderful way to add texture to a winter landscape. There are also some very textural bushes such as Lauders Walking Stick that add a lot of interest as well.

  6. Beautiful! I love that shot. My Father-In-Law used some grasses on his dry creek bed landscape back in San Jose, CA and it was gorgeous when it all settled in and started to grow!

    Lovely idea!


  7. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I need to do that, too, Terri.
    Loved the photo of the grass clump.


  8. What a wonderful photo you took! I love the ornamental grasses. There are some that wave in the breeze (can't remember the name), but they are so pretty.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday...


    Sheila :-)

  9. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Teri

    Beautiful shot of the ornamental grass!

    Thanks for sharing your photo.


  10. Terri, This is so good, what a great idea to plant things for all seasons. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Anonymous10:51 AM

    That's a good idea! I have a few grasses and it's nice to have that texture when nothing is in bloom. Also I love watching them move in the wind.


  12. That is a beautiful photo of the ornamental grass. It is a haven for small wildlife in all seasons. Thanks for sharing for Outdoor Wednesday!

    All the best, Lana

  13. I've always believed that winter landscapes are equal to summer. Spring and fall too ........

  14. What a beautiful photo! The color is really quite rich, and the texture is wonderful. It would be a nice addition to a winter landscape. Kathy

  15. Terri,

    I just love ornamental grass. I think it almost looks it's best in the winter!

    Great OW post! :-)


  16. I always see the ornamental grass in the gardens and every year I say I am going to plant some! This year I will! Thank you for the photo.

  17. I love grass in ladscaping...it adds so much visual texture.

    Very nice pic Terri...it makes me think of the Bob Dylan song, The Answer is Blowing in teh Wind.

  18. Terri, I totally agree...I have grasses and I leave them stand through the winter months and then prund them in early spring. It's nice to see the sway to and fro with the wind through the winter. ~CC Catherine (great pic)


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