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Happy Birthday Tammi!!!

Today is my little sister's birthday!

Being the oldest (on both sides of the family) I got a lot of attention. I mean, an abnormal amount of attention. If you don't believe me, ask my sister.

There are pages and pages of photo albums of me and my various birthdays. All in different dresses, hairstyles, gifts, and smiling grandparents and great grandparents looking lovingly on while I take my first bite of cake.

Not the same for Tammi.

Not that she wasn't loved (even though my mom can't remember birthing her, seems that she was nearly dying of pneumonia, although that is a story itself) but it seemed that once we got into the Terri mode it was difficult to get into the Tammi mode.

This photograph is the only picture I know of in existence of a birthday of Tammi's. And, it is rather suspect, since one cannot see a candle.

Happy birthday dear Tammi! Even though there is no proof, I do remember you being the center of attention from time to time!

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  1. Happy Birthday Tammi. I have to admit, being an ony child, I too have no idea what it's like to share the spotlight. I do love this picture. Tammi's gonna love you for this one. Does she have a blog too?

  2. That's a funny post! I hope your sister has a wonderful birthday!

  3. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Happy Birthday to Tammi. I am the 3rd child and there's no proof of me ever having a birthday etc. either!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your sister Tammi! Me, I don't have any siblings and neither does my husband! Maybe that is why I had three kids!

  5. Sounds so familiar...

    Happy birthday to Tammi!

  6. Say Happy Birthday to Tammi. It's my birthday today too. Number 49 for me.

  7. I just popped in from Sidewalk Shoes and wanted to wish Tammi a Happy Birthday!

    See, I was the middle sister, but once my baby (coughcough) sister came along, I seemed to fade into the woodwork.
    Alright... so I've got issues, okay? ;-)

    (note to self: always double check for spelling. I almost left "pooped in", but caught it just in time!)

  8. Happy birthday to Tammi!

  9. Happy Birthday Tammy. You deserve it! LOL laurie

  10. We need to make her a big cake WITH candles so she doesn't feel left out anymore.

  11. Ah but now Tammi gets a whole blog page and well wishes from all over the globe. Have a fantastic day!

  12. Happy B-Day Tammi,

    Being the oldest of 8 myself, I notice that the pictures get less and less as we go down the line. My poor baby bro hardly has any. Cindy

  13. Happy (belated) Birthday to your sister, Tammi!

  14. I know how you and sister feel .. I am the oldest child on both sides of my family too ... SO a big happy birthday to you ~ Tammi!

  15. Happy Birthday Tammi! I know what it's like to live in your sister's shadow! :-)

  16. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I am in awe of you, Terri! How do you work, set beautiful tables, review books AND blog (plus all of the other things you are involved with!) You should write a book yourself on organization---multi-tasking! You're amazing!

    I so enjoyed this post about your sister and the lack of pictures! :) That would make a great story to submit to some magazine.
    Your dinner out sounded wonderful! We also went out--early meal at a little Italian Restaurant we hadn't been to in a long time. It was also very good. Our waiter was a "boy" (grown with 2 kiddos now) who used to attend school with our daughter. He was waiting tables as a way to pick up a few extra dollars on the side.
    I have heard of "flat Stanley"--I think Stitchin Stella is the same idea. Taking photos out in public of the papery doll does draw attention, I noticed!
    Have a great rest of the week!

  17. I noticed your menu for yesterday. How do you roast cauliflower? Olive oil? I love broccoli and cauliflower, it has my attention.

  18. Happy Birthday to the darling beloved Tammi...or is that YOUR birthday cake she's wearing on that lovely little face? LOL...great post!


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