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3 Best Ways To Treat Flat Head Syndrome

Flat head syndrome in your infant can be worrying. There are certainly cases of children who were never treated and as the skull grew together and hardened the flatness became permanent. There are also studies that link the syndrome with delayed developmental milestones. These, however, are usually extreme cases. Many babies will experience a little flattening because they spend so much time with their heads resting in a single position. If your baby has some flattening, don't panic. Here are three of the best ways to reverse it.

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Use Flat Head Pillows

Doctors used to recommend specialized helmets to take care of flat head, but baby helmet flat head side effects have shown it to be a less than ideal solution. These specialized orthotics have to be worn 23 hours a day for months on end. In one study, the majority of parents found that their babies experienced skin irritation and excess sweating, while a third said that the device actually caused their child pain. The same study showed that helmets had no significant impact on recovery from flat head.

Instead, if you're looking for a device, consider a pillow specially designed to treat flat head. These pillows, which cost literally a fraction of a helmet, are flattened and firm with a hollow to cradle the baby's head, giving extra space to maintain a rounded shape.

Remember that pillows can't be used in the crib. Place it behind his head while in a car seat, in a rocker, or anywhere the baby is awake and you're able to keep a close watch.

Increase Tummy Time

Flat head syndrome can be both a cause and symptom of stiff neck muscles. Babies' heads are very heavy compared to their body strength, meaning moving their heads around is difficult. The less they move their heads, the less they are able to move their heads as their neck muscles stiffen. To prevent this, start exercising upper body strength, including core and neck muscles, as soon as possible.

Doctors recommend 30 minutes of tummy time every day from the day you get home from the hospital. Sometimes parents skimp on tummy time because babies can get very unhappy at this positioning. Don't give in, and if you're trying to treat flat head, you may need to increase the amount of time on the tummy even further.

Hold Your Baby More

A treatment that your baby is sure to love is holding her more. Try a baby wrap or sling to keep your arms free while you carry her around. While you're home most wraps will provide enough coverage that you can hold her without a shirt on, increasing skin-to-skin contact, which is another key to a healthy baby. With her head upright against your chest or shoulder the back of her head will have a break to reshape.

Newborns just can't move much on their own. Help them adjust their head position as much as possible with tummy time and holding, and cushion their heads when reclining.

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