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Tips On Making Moving Easier On The Kids

 Most families will move home at some point. Not only can it be a major upheaval for the parents, but for the kids too. They may feel nervous or scared, even if you’re only moving a short distance. 

While it might seem easy to dismiss these worries, or just assume they’ll get over them, it’s important that you address them and make the process as easy as possible for them 

Understand their point of view

Kids love routine and familiar things. It makes them feel safe and secure. Moving home, especially if it means moving away from school and friends can feel like a punishment to them. Kids love routine and familiar things. It makes them feel safe and secure. Moving home, especially if it means moving away from school and friends can feel like a punishment to them. If your kid is transferring to a new elementary school, understand that there might be some challenges along the way as they could have a hard time adjusting to their new environment, teachers, and peers. 

Knowing this is a good base for understanding their behavior and feelings. 

Talk to them about the move

Talking honestly to your kids, in an age-appropriate way is great for helping them to understand what’s happening. You could prepare them by taking them to see the new house or get them involved in packing for the removals company arriving. Giving them something to concentrate on will take their mind off things.  

Be careful when emptying your old house

Moving home can be a fantastic opportunity to get rid of clutter and downsize the number of things you have. However much you want to get rid of old toys and clothes, if it is upsetting your child, then keep a few items so that they don’t feel overwhelmed. 

Give them jobs to do on moving day

Making kids feel involved and important is a great way to take their minds off their feelings. They love to help out. Small jobs, that they can do with relatively little assistance are the best and won’t interfere too much with your day. 

While they might not be able to help with the big furniture, that’s a job for a Houston moving company - they can certainly be helpful with the little things. It also makes for a lovely memory to get them involved.

Keep calm

When moving day comes, it’s going to be super busy and stressful. It’s easy to get stressed and annoyed when things aren’t going the way you want them to. Even if the kids are getting under your feet and not being particularly helpful, try not to get too upset with them and associate the move with negative feelings. 

Concentrate on their room

When you move, try and get your child’s room organized and decorated as soon as you can. It will be their safe space when everything else around them is changing. 

Keep old ties

If you’ve moved out of the area, you want your child to make new friends, but this might be easier if they also still maintain their links to their old friends. Before you move, arrange with their parents to be involved in video calls or writing letters. 


Even without kids, moving is stressful. You might find it exciting but the emotions of your kids might be very different. You know your children best but take time to talk things through with them and make them as comfortable as possible with the changing situation. Even though you might not be able to take away all of their worries, providing understanding will go a long way to helping them adjust to the move.

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