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Protect Your Home From The Perils Of Mold With These 4 Simple Tactics

 Mold! It doesn't just look horrid, but can damage our property, and is a real risk to our health as well. With that in mind, learning how to protect your home from mold is an essential skill all householders need. Luckily, you can keep reading to find out how to do this. 

Be mindful of outside causes of damp


To begin, if you wish to protect your home from the perils of mold you will need to be mindful of anything that can cause dampness. There are two sources of damp in the home that you must watch out for, the first is damp that you cause in the home, which is discussed in the section below. While the second is damp that gets into your property from an outside source. 


Damp mainly finds its way into your home from the outside via leaks in areas like the roof, walls, and blocked gutters. This type of damp is known as penetrating because it moves through the outer protective layer of your home to the inside. 

Unfortunately, this issue of damp penetrating internal walls can create a whole host of problems, including rotting of wooden skirting boards and floors, and damage to internal decor and plaster. Of course, penetrating damp is also linked to the growth of mold, which is not only unsightly but can be damaging to the health of your family as well! 

The good news is that by addressing the cause of the penetrating damp you can restore the outer seal of your home, and protect it from mold growth. An action that is well worth taking if you find yourself with this problem. 

Be mindful of the damp you create in the home 

In addition to the damp that penetrates from outside, it is often the case that we create damp in our homes which provides the perfect breeding ground for mold. Such damp may be produced by not shutting doors when using the bathroom or kitchen, or by drying clothes inside. 

The good news is that it's easy to prevent mold and dampness in your home. All you need to do is make sure you open windows when doing the activities mentioned above. Investing in a dryer that allows you to run a vent outside can help a great deal too. 

Act quickly when you do see mold 

Last, of all, you can protect your home from the growth of mold by acting fast whenever you see it appear. This means scraping and cleaning the surface on which you find it. Use mold remediation services for the permanent removal of mold and contaminated material.

Although you are likely to find that the anti-mold cleaning products you can buy are made from strong chemicals. To that end wearing a mask and gloves as you use them is the best course of action. 

After all, one of the most important reasons to protect your home from mold in the first place is to take care of your own and your family's health. Therefore, risking the course of mold removal doesn't make sense!

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