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Making a Sturdy Home: 5 Key Considerations You Should Not Ignore


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One of the most common complaints when it comes to modern homes is their level of “sturdiness.” The fact is that many modern homes appear to be far from sturdy! Obviously, it's important that we live in a strong and durable house but this means we have to invest in the right components. It's not just about making sure the exterior is up to code, but it's about addressing every little aspect, inside and out, that adds up to a strong and sturdy dwelling. With this in mind, what can we do to make our home that bit more on the strong side?

Think About the Weather 

The best place to begin, as far as protecting your exteriors are concerned, is to address the outside and if it is able to withstand adverse weather conditions. We are all aware of the damage posed by weather conditions, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, but we can become quite blase as we think our home can easily withstand anything. Darren Robertson advises that if you've just moved into an area that has its fair share of poor weather conditions, you've got to make sure the framework is strong. This means you've got to look at the components that will greatly minimize damage. Depending on the potential weather conditions in your area, you might have to realize it is not possible to completely protect your home. 

But there are things you can do to greatly reduce damage in these situations, such as installing strong garage doors. If the garage door installation methods are done correctly, and with the right materials, it will make a massive difference to your home. Because high winds make their way into the property during hurricane season, this could cause the roof to come off. Think about iron doors as the first port of call. You can also secure the chimney, install hurricane straps, but also don't forget the importance of the foundation. Bolting the sill plate of your property using anchor bolts can withstand any tremors. Installing high-durability flooring will go a long way. You can opt for epoxy flooring or a concrete sealer for added protection to your concrete floors. Click here to learn more about the different flooring options you can choose from.

Strengthening the Raw Materials of Your Home

If you are building a home from scratch, you've got a very distinct advantage because you can give a lot more thought to the right types of materials. With this, you can look for professional builders and contractors with various building materials options that will fit your needs on your home. But there are things you can do to strengthen your property. For example, if you have wooden and concrete materials throughout the home, and you have access to them, you can go through what is called the curing process

Curing gives your materials extra strength so they can withstand intense weather or pests like termites. This is ideal if you are looking to extend your property. It is done by watering the cement, concrete, and columns and leaving them for three weeks before progressing with the construction. It is also important to prioritize your framing. Inspecting your foundation is crucial because it will give you a far better idea to see if there are any existing problems that you can fix before it is too late. Your home demands a solid foundation.

You should also check for any dangers in the raw materials of your home. Now is the time to get rid of any asbestos, begin radon mitigation, get rid of any mold, and have your home checked for any other signs of damage that could affect the structure and safety of your home.

The Quality of Your Roofing

Obviously, it is a very expensive investment, but it's always worth noting that you should invest in solid roofing. When you think about your home, the two most important components are the roofing and the foundation. If you are already in the process of renovating your home, it's easy to ignore the roof, because you can't necessarily get access to it. However, a faulty roof will result in a faulty home. It is important to inspect it, not just so the roof stays in one piece, but it minimizes damage, injury, and other adverse conditions, such as leaks.

Do Not Force Extras Onto Your Home, If it Is Not Able to Stand It

We could feel the property could do with more, especially if you are looking to improve the real estate value. However, you've got to remember that you can't force something onto a property that is just not designed to cope with it. For example, if your foundation was only built to support one floor, and you want to add another one, you've got to go down the route of seeking help from a professional contractor, either so they can give you their honest opinion, or work on a stronger foundation. We can try to force a renovation because we need more space, but is this going to cause a lot more heartache in the long run?

Think About the Bigger Picture 

A sturdy home is going to be the best investment for you and your loved ones. But many times, we only think about how it suits us in the short term. We've got to remember that, if we are investing in a manufactured home, or we are buying a home to fix it up, the reality is that we should focus on the bigger picture. However, many homebuyers do not look beyond the first few years. If you're going to live in a home that's not particularly sturdy for a few years and try to renovate it so you can sell it on, are you just adding more things to the property that will cause structural issues? 

Because if we want to make a sturdy home, we need to address the environmental concerns, the structural concerns, but also our personal ones. As a sturdy home should be on a strong foundation, it's vital to address the external components, but also make sure that it is secure. This means installing security systems and making sure that the property feels safe. 

You may have your own opinion of what makes a sturdy home, but there are so many different factors at play, especially if you think that you won't be living in the property for long, so you've got to decide whether it is worth your while to make these renovations. Because if you think that it's going to sell for a higher value further down the line, do you need to make considerable changes to the property? It's far better to invest in a property that feels secure rather than adding things to the property to make it more valuable.

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