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Is A New Home On The Cards In 2021?



How to create a killer headline to sell your home


You open a magazine. What compels you to read the article? The headline! The whole purpose of a headline is to capture the reader’s attention. If your headline is boring, generic, or wordy, no one will bother to read your listing! In fact, they may not even finish reading the headline.


So, how do you deliver a killer headline for your property? The key is to keep it short, no more than 20 words, and it should be punchy too! Don’t simply say ‘four-bedroom house, stylish living room and spacious garden.’ How does that make your house different from any other four-bedroom home? Instead, you need to allude to the lifestyle people will have if they buy your home. If you are struggling for ideas take a look on the Internet or in property magazines for some inspiration.


Make reference to the character of your property – Is it coastal? Does it have a Victorian feel? Is it ultra-modern? Does it give a slice of luxury? You should also use descriptive words to describe the lifestyle – relaxing, peaceful, balanced, quiet, and such. This helps to paint the perfect picture of the lifestyle your property provides whilst also leaving an air of mystery – how does it provide this?

Why you need an estate agent to maximize value


It is very easy to fall into the trap of believing you don’t need an estate agent! There are lots of marketing channels you can use yourself thanks to the Internet, so why not cut out the middleman altogether?


Trust me, if you do this, you will be making a huge mistake! An agent brings a huge amount of value to your property and the selling process because they have so much to offer. For starters, can you honestly say you know all you need to about the legalities and the negotiation process?


Aside from this, an estate agent can provide you with all the key statistics and information you need about the local market, supply and demand, and forecasts for the future. They will ensure your house is priced right so you reap maximum value. Not only will they value your property themselves, but they will also provide you with telling information on the prices being asked for by homeowners with similar homes. They can also help you find a local moving company and deal with the other particulars.


Let’s not ignore the marketing side of things either! There are so many ways an estate agent can advertise your property above and beyond what you can. Take their office window and website as prime examples. They also have a ready-made list of contacts they can try and sell your home to.

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