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Super Simple Ways to Spice up Your Home Exterior



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Guests are first welcomed to your home by the curb appeal. How you have maintained it creates an impression about how your home interior looks. Creating a welcoming, beautiful, and well-cared exterior is budget-friendly, and if outdoor looks matter to you, you will not mind spending a few dollars.

The good thing about exterior designing is that you can do it yourself (DIY) if you are working on a low budget. For example, bed gardening, planting and maintaining pot plants, paintings, etc., are some of the tasks you can take care of.

To bring the best in designing your curb appeal, you may want to blend colors to bring out unique and warm serene, blend modern and old outdoor arts, planting different plants and flower species, and it also allows you to choose a design that fits your style.

Refurbish Your Front Door

The front door acts as the first impression. It ushers in guests and provides security. It also plays a vital role in creating a statement about how your interior looks. You can transform your front door by replacing them with aluminium front doors or painting. Don't fear trying out colors and designs like the Renewal by Andersen patio door. Bright colors make a warm reception. And again, remember to polish the metal doorknobs. The siding and roofing company, JD Hostetter and other professionals in the industry can also revamp the outside of your home with panel replacements.

Exterior Lighting

Apart from enhancing security and safety, it also provides significant beauty to the landscaping. Use energy saver bulbs or power them with solar.

Power Wash Everywhere

When everywhere is cleaned, areas that need to be worked on will be easily visible. Power wash the driveways, sidewalks, porch area to give a bright new look to your curb appeal. If you don't have a power wash machine, you can hire one. 

Replace Gutters

If the gutters are old, they could be rusty and stained. Replacing them will bring back a new exterior look and also provide clean water.

Enhance Beauty with Potted Plants

The beauty of potted plants is that it's easy to maintain, and replant. Potted plants can be placed on the porch area, sideways, and at the corners of the front door. Potted plants are available in large and small sizes. Another great thing about potted plants is that they can be moved, though with a lot of care.

Replace Garage Door

Garage doors are well designed to face forward and are among the first things that people will look at when they get into your home. You may replace your old garage door with a modern one with windows or opt for repainting to reduce cost.

Give Exterior Furniture a New Look

Refurbishing outdoor furniture doesn't have to be expensive. You may choose to change the cushion colors and design, add some colorful throw pillows, and for wooden and steel benches, you need to repaint to bring out the new look in a colorful way. 

Create a Unique Outdoor Art

An outdoor art creates a unique statement to the exterior look. You may choose sculptures, metal cutouts, etc., water sculptures provide a relaxed conducive environment, and they add an incredible feeling during summer.


Creating a garden full of different flower types planted along the walkways, pathways, and in front of doors will be ideal. Plantings not only appeal to the eye but also create a calm feeling looking at them.


Landscaping plays a significant role in the physical appearance of your home's exterior look. Pay attention to the terrain, the fencing, and how you incorporate plants and flowers to complete the exterior makeover. In addition, if you are looking for professional landscaping services look no further than Landscaping Winnipeg which offers a wide range of landscaping services to choose from with experts who specialize in transforming outdoor spaces into stunning works of art.

Replace Railing

Wood and metal railing get worn out faster due to exposure to harsh weather, thus the need for frequent replacement. The painting of the rails should have a relation to your home colors.

Pop Up Colors

You can add a touch of bright colors to complement the well-done landscaping to bring a classy look to the curb appeal. The painting also sorts out some minor damages on wood and rails. 

Designing the Porch Area

A porch area provides a conducive outdoor relaxing space. When designing the porch area, consider the architectural design and source of natural light if you prefer it closed. 

Change the Roof

Your house roof is an eye-catcher even from a distance. You will not be able to achieve much if you choose to ignore the roof. If your house roof is old or does not complement the rest of the well-refurbished exterior look, you will need to replace it. The architecture will help you replace the roof.

Maintain Your Lawn

By mowing grass, trimming shrub plants to your desired shapes, and maintaining a free weed garden keeps your lawn area well cared for and organized. Maintaining a lawn area is doable as long as it is done regularly to avoid grass and plants creating a bushy-like look.

Do A Makeover To Your Driveway.

If you have enough front space in your garden, then you need to consider having a driveway. It doesn't have to be expensive. Even using gravel, you can have a nice driveway that drains well, and most importantly, you can do it yourself.

Create a Welcoming Entry

The home entry is the first thing that visitors notice upon arrival. It allows people to complement rather than criticize.

Maintaining your entry clean and attractive is a sure way of grabbing attention. Fixing new hardware, painting your front door, and adding flowers and plants is a great way to glam your curb appeal.

Invest In a Window Box

Spicing up your windows by planting flowers on window boxes is an easy and affordable way to enhance your home exterior looks.


With the above tips, you now know that you do not need a designer to do everything concerning your curb appeal. You don't have to break a bank to transform your exterior as per your style. If you are working on a low budget, you may prioritize paying an expert only for the things you cannot fix by yourself.

A well-done curb appeal is a great way to complement the look of your home. It only makes sense when both your home's interior is in tune with the exterior.

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