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2023 Word of the Year

Each year for the last 17 years I have chosen a word to guide me through decisions and projects in my life.  I like to remind myself each time what I learned from the past year and what this year's word is. Here you will also learn how I chose a word of the year.  

Word of the Year

2006    Family

2007     Organize

2008     Delegate

2009    Happiness

2010    Live Well

2011    Well Being

2012    Present

2013    Write

2014    Authentic

2015    Joy

2016    Make It Happen

2017    Conquer

2018    Kind

2019    Healing

2020    Shop Local

2021     Wonder

2022    Revolution

My 2023 Word of the Year is...

Celebration!   It's the perfect word for this year... as I welcome a new grandson to my world, get ready for retirement, finish paying off my debt, and wrap up 46 years of marriage!  We are traveling again to Cabo San Lucas and San Diego and camping multiple times this summer!  

How to choose your word

1.  Reflection on your past year.   Focus on the positive and ask yourself: What do I want more of in my life in the upcoming year?  Jot down any and all responses, regardless of the answer.

2.  Put yourself in a relaxed state of mind.  Light a candle, sit in a comfy chair, have a light breeze blowing on you, whatever gives you peace of mind.  Contemplate this question:  What words would get me more of what I want more of this year.  Jot down any and all words that pop into your head.  Do this for only 2-3 minutes tops.

3.  Review your list.  Is there a theme?  Do the words taken together give you a word to focus on?  Circle the words that seem to go together.

4.  Look at the words and think about which one you could be committed to.  That you will want to write in your planner every month. The word you think of before making a decision.  That's your word of the year!

5. Write your word in your planner.  List 3 things you will do before the end of the week to get your word to have some traction. (For me, I am going to book 3 camping trips!)

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