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What Finishing Touches Should You Add To Your Home?

 It's possible to feel like your home's design is never complete, even after many years of living there. Perhaps there are bare walls you've never found the time to decorate or disorganized nooks you've never gotten around to cleaning up. Many of us view our houses as a never-ending work in progress that changes and develops with us, but would you like it to actually feel complete at some point? If so, here are some ideas to implement. 


Photo by Victoria Akvarel


Don’t Have Bare Walls 

Empty walls are the surest way to make your house feel less like a cozy refuge and more like an incomplete design. Displaying interesting objects on your walls, such as artwork, photographs, mirrors, and bookcases, is a quick and easy way to inject your unique style into the room. Or you could make your own personal art gallery by hanging many photos together, for example. 


And what about the space between the walls? Not the insulation (although that will be necessary), but the doors. Are they as good as they could be, or would it be better to install modern barn doors and complete your home’s look in that way? You can do whatever appeals, and it’s always worth trying different ideas, especially if you are going to live in the house for a long time. 


Add Moldings And Trim

Adding decorative moldings and trim to your home can make a huge difference. As an added bonus, buyers who value classic style and attention to detail may be particularly interested in these kinds of finishing touches if you choose to sell at a later date (or you're trying to finish your house in order to put it on the market). Putting picture-frame molding on the walls and fluted casing molding around the window frames can give your home an instant classic makeover.


Don’t assume that all moldings and trim have to be vintage, either. You can get modern-looking ones that will finish your home perfectly and that are still new enough to be unusual, helping you to have a home that stands out for the right reasons. 


Use The Height You Have 

The area above the ceiling is often overlooked, but a hung plant or lamp instantly elevates a room's aesthetic value. Having some things at a higher level than others creates visual interest and draws the attention around the room.


Of course, if you don’t have naturally high ceilings (or even standard height ceilings), this can be hard to achieve in a way that doesn’t encroach on the room itself, but you can use your windows in this case – or as well as hanging items if you have the space to do it. Install longer curtains that hang from the ceiling to the floor no matter what size your windows are, and you’ll add a feature that looks great, whether open or closed. Find curtains that match the rest of the d├ęcor for a cohesive design or ones that are entirely different to create a new kind of feature in the room.

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