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How To Revamp Your Home

After a while, your home is going to start looking tired. If you choose to decorate in a neutral, classic way, then it might take longer to notice that things are starting to look a little old, but if you pick something that is in line with current trends, you’ll probably start to see the issue much sooner. 


No matter how it looks, the fact is that there will be a time when you need to make some changes in your home to make it look – and, crucially, feel – great again. With that in mind, here are some tried and true ideas that will help you revamp your home and give you a place to be proud of. 


Photo by Medhat Ayad


Use Temporary Wallpaper 

Temporary wallpaper is low-commitment because it can be removed and replaced at any time and requires just a small financial outlay, but it can make a huge difference in the look of your home's foyer, bathroom, bedroom, living room, or pretty much anywhere else. Try papering only one wall as an accent in a big area, and don't forget the ceiling - sometimes (although not always, and it won't be to everyone's taste) you can wallpaper a ceiling, and it can look amazing. Since it's temporary, you can easily remove it and put a new color or pattern in its place. 


If you don't like the idea of wallpaper, these areas are excellent for a painted accent instead of wallpaper. Adding a coat to the inside of your front door in a vibrant color can also make a huge difference in the overall look of your foyer.


Declutter And Create Space 

Modern homes are often designed in a minimalist style, so the less 'stuff' you have, the easier it will be to keep things tidy, clean, and looking great. By giving the house a good declutter and getting rid of things you don't use, the entire space will start to feel a lot more comfortable. Cleaning and getting rid of clutter will give you a chance to get rid of things and figure out what you really need and what you don't as well. We don't do this often enough, yet a catalyst such as the need to update the property can set off a major overhaul. 


In addition to cleaning and getting rid of things, the home can be made to have more space. The goal of making space is to make it look like an open floor plan, which isn't hard to do. All you have to do is get rid of any big pieces of furniture and anything else that blocks light. Also, the furniture should be moved around to help air flow and make it easier to move around. When you have decluttered, this is a much simpler task. 


If you find it hard to declutter and you feel you need to keep everything, is there any way you can make more space in your home to ensure there is room for it all? Perhaps you could turn a garage into a home office or playroom using garage floor tiles and good insulation? Maybe the basement or attic could be renovated and become more useful. Even a hallway or landing could be put to good use if you add some built-in storage, for example. 


Fix Broken Things 

Do you have broken things in your home? We don’t mean things that are completely unusable (although if you do have things like that, you should throw them out or give them away to someone who can fix them using skills you don’t have), but instead, we mean things that are just a little broken. This might be a rug that is fraying or a tap that is leaking. It could be a scratch on a tabletop or a glass with a chip in it. 


Anything at all like this, a small thing that can be repaired (or easily and cheaply replaced, as would be the case with the glass), should be fixed immediately. The longer you leave something like this, the worse the problem will get in a lot of situations, and it might get to a point where you can’t make the repairs any longer because it’s too late. Even if this doesn’t happen, having broken things around you might cause you to feel bad subconsciously. You might not notice them anymore on a conscious level, but you know they are there, and they make you feel as though your home is not as it should be. 


Take a moment to fix or replace a broken thing before it can start to affect you, and your home will feel a lot nicer – you might not even have to make any other changes if you keep on top of the maintenance. 


Change Your Lighting 

Dimly lighted rooms give off an unwelcoming, smaller-than-they-actually-are vibe. Interior wall color, window dressings, and furnishings are all brought out by the house's bright lighting scheme. Home light fixtures are also a form of interior design.


If you want to modernize your home's lighting, you can start by getting rid of those large, inefficient light fixtures. Recessed lighting is an option for replacing these. Changing to LED bulbs instead of incandescent ones is another method to enhance lighting.


Light switches and electrical box covers are two other easy areas for improvement. Today's light switches have more functions than simply turning lights on and off. The lighting in your home can be controlled in a wide variety of ways since there are a plethora of smart features and alternatives available. Most modern light switches and power outlets are tamper-proof, contain USB charging ports, and are disguised as decorative wall plaques.


They're a vast improvement over the single-purpose, dust- and crack-prone switches of yesteryear. Once a home's walls are painted, any outdated outlets or switches immediately become an eyesore and a blemish on the freshly painted surface.


Update Door Handles 

The knobs and pulls on cabinets and the handles on doors draw attention. They tend to stand out because they stick out above the door or cabinet surface. And people usually notice when they are old or worn. People often pay more attention to the handle, knob, or pull than they do to the door or cabinet itself.


Door and cabinet hardware replacements should be made so that everything matches and is simple to use. You should stay away from extremely unique designs because they will quickly become outdated.

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