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6 Super Ideas For Sloped Backyards

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A sloped backyard may seem limiting at first. But in fact, it can open up all kinds of fun landscaping opportunities. Below are just 6 fun ways to make the most of a sloped backyard.

Embrace the view with a raised deck

If your property is positioned on a hill with the backyard facing down, you could consider installing a raised deck at the back of your home. This can provide a flat area for placing outdoor furniture from which you can sit taking in views overlooking the rest of your backyard and beyond. You can hire composite deck builders to design and construct your raised deck. There are all kinds of deck designs to explore, which could incorporate different styles of railings and steps.  

Divide your backyard into tiers

Backyards built on steep slopes may cost too much to completely level. However, you could create several levelled tiers with a couple steps between each one. Each tier could be treated as a different section of your backyard and you could give each tier its own theme or purpose. For example, you could have a patio tier, a lawn tier and a vegetable patch tier. Alternatively, you could dedicate each tier to different types of plants.

Carve out a stepped path

You could make your sloped backyard easier to walk down by adding a stepped path. This could be a straight stepped path running along one side or down the middle. Alternatively, you could add a winding stepped path that traverses across your backyard (this could work well in a tiered backyard). Make these features all the more dramatic by adding lights either side or having them lead under archways. 

Add retaining seat walls

Retaining walls are a way of separating different tiers and can be a very attractive feature on their own. However, you could make these retaining walls even more charming by incorporating seats or benches into them. Check out a few stunning seat wall ideas here

Create a waterfall

When it comes to water features, sloped backyards also allow you to explore different waterfall designs. This could be a small waterfall joining two tiers in your backyard, or a larger waterfall cascading all the way down your backyard. Waterfalls could be a useful way of diverting rainfall away from certain parts of your backyard, or they could be a constant water feature powered by a pump. This waterfall could lead into a pond at the end of your backyard.

Build a slide into the slope

Another playful feature could include building a slide into the slope of your backyard. This is a great feature if you’ve got kids or grandkids that love to play in your backyard. A more luxury option could even include installing a slide leading down into a swimming pool. For a more budget option, why not consider building your own slip n slide?  

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