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Meatball Soup with Kale and Saffron

 I am part of a group that watches movies and cooks based on inspiration from the movie called Movies and Munchies.  I love this group and it makes me watch movies I may not pick. However, this month the movie is The Hundred-Foot Journey which I have seen many times. How can one not want to see Helen Murren's cooking, romance, and beautiful food multiple times?

Let me give you a little synopsis if this is the first time you have seen the movie. Hassan Kadam (Manish Dayal) is an extraordinarily talented and largely self-taught culinary novice. When he and his family are displaced from their native India and settle in a quaint French village, they decide to open an Indian eatery. However, Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren), the proprietress of an acclaimed restaurant just 100 feet away, strongly objects. War erupts between the two establishments until Mallory recognizes Kadam's impressive epicurean gifts and takes him under her wing.

One of my favorite scenes is when Hassan cooks Madame Mallory an omelet. The music, the food, and the whole scene are simply sublime. So much inspiration in this movie! I decided to be a bit more practical and to use the ingredients found in my refrigerator. I know from watching enough movies that chefs like to use what is fresh and available, so that's my story, too! I hope you enjoy this delicious soup.

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  1. This is absolutely perfect, Terri! I loved that omelette scene, too. I might have to make one if no one else does.

  2. This is what cooks do....nothing ever goes to waste and you use what you have on hand.

  3. There's no way you can go wrong with fresh ingredients (and being frugal to use them up)!


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