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Let's Get WARM with Homemade Swiss Mocha Hot Drink with Reusable Container

 Welcome to the 2023 Sustainable Craft Challenge! Once a month a group of the most friendly and creative bloggers comes together to share crafts with you. Each crafter employs an element of sustainability in their craft. So that extensive jar collection you have? This is the right place to come and see what we will do with it! 

 This month our theme is "warm" and as a primarily a food blogger, my mind went right to this mix I make up every winter. I usually store it in a container that I have specifically for this purpose, but mine broke this year, so now I am storing it in a jar that I have saved. I LOVE JARS. I remember the first jar I fell in love with: it was for strawberry jam at a restaurant. It was so petite and cute. I asked the waitress if I could keep it and she looked confused and said, yes, but I think you were the first to ever ask! Now I look for jars with unique shapes or stylings. Here's a little post I did about jars many years ago! How about you? Do you save jars and which are your favorites?

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For this storage container, I simply used a jar left over from decaf instant coffee that I had.  I happen to like the green lid, so all I had to do was to remove the label.

1. Peel any loose label off the jar. 

2.  Fill the jar with boiling water (carefully!) and let rest for 10 minutes.

3.  Test a bit of the label to see if it removes easily.  If it doesn't, let it sit for 5 minutes more.

4.  Remove the gluey residue by making a paste of 2 T baking soda, 1 t dish soap, and water if you need it to make a paste.  Brush the mixture over the residue and let it sit for 10 minutes.  

5.  Test a spot to see if it is coming off easily, and if so, rinse and dry off!

6.  You can leave the glass clear and clean, or make a background for your label out of cute wrapping paper!

The mix is so easy to make and it is perfect for gift-giving.  The small box is a Maxwell House International Coffee container. I ask people to save these for me.  I usually get 10 or so around Christmas and I cover them in wrapping paper and cute labels for gift-giving.

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  1. Sounds lovely. My brother always asks for a Mocha when he comes round, a ready mix will be perfect for him. And I too always have plenty of empty jars just asking to be upcycled!

  2. I love your cute, upcycled jars! I keep glass jars as well, but I have so many that I haven't come up with a way to use them so my hubby has been throwing them away as of late. The wrapping paper and label make the jars look store bought, not homemade. If I drank coffee I would love to try your Swiss mocha! I'll keep it on hand for family get togethers next year for the holidays. I think I'm the only one in our huge family that can't even choke down coffee. They all love it and we go through pot after pot whenever we're all together. I'm sure they will love this recipe. Pinned!
    Great hopping with you!

  3. Swiss mocha sounds yummy! I love a good hot beverge to sip on while crafting and watching tv. I'll ddefinitely have to make this soon. I like how you upcycled the containers with the wrapping paper and the tags. So cute!

  4. Looks delicious, Terri! And the recipe looks easy enough to make! Perfect for these cold, chilly days! I collect all sorts of jars, too! You never know when you might need one for a craft project, lol!

  5. I will have to remember your tip for removing labels off jars.

  6. I have to admit I'm not one for mocha but I am loving the top tips for removing sticky residue from jars - one to remember:) there is something so satisfying about reusing items!!

  7. That looks yummy and not to difficult to make. I will try it for sure!


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