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Redecorating in a Clean and Minimal Style for New Year

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Going into a new year, you may consider redecorating in a clean and minimal style before it's time for spring cleaning. The minimalist style is a little tricky to pull off. But with some professional tips, you can make a good start. Here are some effective ways you can begin.

Focus Attention with a Feature Wall

Feature walls are trending right now. The point of a feature wall is to direct attention toward it and away from the rest of the room. This helps with a minimal style because there might not be much in the room anyway. Your feature wall is impacted by anything there, such as the materials used, artwork, and features like the fireplace. These wood accent wall ideas are great for features like this. But stone also works well, given that most fireplaces also incorporate this.

Make Better Use of Natural Light

Daylight is great for making a minimalist style stand out. If you let as much white as possible shine through, your room will feel much larger and cleaner. Use blinds that can be pulled all the way up to let in more light. And if you can, take down any walls that block the light from outside. It's harder to get artificial light right. It's tempting to create an atmosphere with comforting soft light. Try to find a good combination of dim white lights that are spread out well.

Storage is Your Best Friend

There will always be things that get in your way and stick out in a room. Smartphones and chargers, mail, and even shoes are all great examples. All of those are items you need but perhaps don't want to have lying around. Things like this will harm your overall minimal aesthetic. Fortunately, there are smart ways to put things away when you're not using them. If you want a cleaner look, put up shelving or install cabinets that hide what's inside.

Accentuate Using Textures

Even pleasingly designed walls will get boring if they aren't accentuated somehow. A great way of keeping to your color schemes without deviating is by making good use of textures. Different textures will keep the same hues while breaking up the monotony of a minimal room:

  • Play around with different patterns and colors to see what works. 

  • Use natural materials whenever possible.

  • Remember, textures are prevalent in natural materials as well as design. 

  • Use wall hangings and curtains effectively.

  • Consider how the textures will reflect lighting in the room.

Textures will also make any room aesthetically pleasing. You can also use textures in your color blasts, but you need to be careful. Bright colors with sharp textures will detract from the flow and clean lines you are trying to create if you use or place them in the wrong ways.

Consider Decluttering Your Home

You should throw away things that don't work or that you don't really need. This is called decluttering. 1 in 4 homes has a severe clutter issue. So start by giving away anything you no longer need. Also, get rid of things that aren't useful or don't make you happy. Don't forget to look through your kids' rooms for things they don't use anymore. Put things back together piece by piece to figure out what works and what doesn't, always paying attention to your theme.

Don't Think You Need to Stay Monotone

Some people think that minimalist style means using only one color. You can, in fact, use only black and white tones. Even so, most designers still use colors. What makes a difference is how you use them. For instance, you can use a neutral tone and, for the most part, stick with it. But it gets stale. So you need to inject some life into a monotone room with bursts of color that come at different times. For example, use brightly colored artwork on a monotone wall.

Carefully Consider Making Additions

When going for a minimalist look, you don't need a lot of decorations, but that doesn't mean you can't have any. You just have to be careful about any additions you make. Think about clean, even spacing and colors and styles that draw attention to your main tone. And only put something there if it is useful or makes the room look better. Some of these are plants, accent art, and storage. Try to pick a main idea and stick with it in mind when adding items.


It can be quite a challenge to redecorate in a clean and minimal style. Yet you may wish to do this as spring approaches. Some professional ideas you can try include making a feature wall, using textures in the right way, and paying attention to anything you place in the room.

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