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Why It's Good To Challenge Your Food Prejudices

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“Cuisine” incorporates so much, as recipes from foreign cultures, classic national dishes, fish, meat, vegetarian and vegan options, there’s a lot of food out there and a great many styles of eating. As such, there’s no character flaw involved in disliking something, or preferring one thing over another. Moreover, having preferences in this way doesn’t mean you have a poor palate, so don’t think you’re less of a home cook or chef if that sounds like you.

However, it can sometimes be fun to challenge your food prejudices from time to time, especially as you age. This is because as you grow, your tastes tend to become more mature and developed. It’s uncommon for children to love the sharp taste of olives, but as their tastes develop, they become a staple food choice or snack. That’s just one example.

It’s good to challenge your food prejudices because doing so can help you experiment with new flavors and have fun. That’s all there is to it. Sure, if you continue to dislike a particular food that’s entirely valid also, but at least you’ll reconfirm that to yourself after a little while.

So - how can we go about achieving this? In this post, we hope to discuss all of that and more:

It’s Fun To Escape Food Ruts

Putting your preconceived notions about food to the test can help you escape a food rut and discover a world of fresh flavours and textures. Once you get over the strange new textures and flavors offered by certain cuisines you’re not used to (in asian cooking, texture is almost as important as flavor), you’ll feel better and more put together in the kitchen. However, by overcoming these preconceptions, you can find that you like a food item that you didn't think you would ever try, or learn to cook something you never thought would take pride of place in your kitchen.

Food Can Teach You A Great Deal

Putting your dietary preconceptions to the test can help spread tolerance and understanding. Food has the capacity to bring individuals from many cultures and backgrounds together. You can develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the world around you by being open to sampling new dishes and discovering diverse cuisines. It also aids in dispelling any biases or stereotypes you might have regarding a particular culture or food. As they say, any true fan of food or music can never really be xenophobic in their heart - because every culture has something to offer.

Food Is Diverse Perception

The truth is that many items of food can be prepared in a number of ways to help you enjoy it more readily. Anyone that knows the difference between steamed, roasted and boiled vegetables will know the first two are much tastier than the latter, and so it’s not a bad idea to try something a new way if you can, and to never write something off completely. For instance, not everyone likes brussel sprouts, but we can bet this garlic parmesan brussel sprouts recipe will be the most delicious thing you’ve eaten as of late.

With this advice, you’ll be sure to challenge your food prejudices in the best possible way.

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