02 November 2007

Why reinvent the wheel?


I decided to participate in this gratitude exercise instead of my lonely little post. You can join, too. Just go here and you will be able to sign up!

South Breeze Farm


  1. Hi Terri!
    I'll have to check this gratitude journal out...
    In response to your question, my birthday is Nov.19. We should have a party together!!! LOL!

  2. Thanks, Terri, for joining in on the challenge. Hopefully by reading the lists of others, it'll help us realize how much more we have to be thankful for. I loved reading your five things! It's not hard to come up with stuff is it?

    Hey - we are close! You're just "south of the border" from me! I liked what I read here on your blog, so I'm bookmarking you and I will be coming back to visit! =)

    Happy November!


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