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Traditional, huh?

You Are a Traditional Christmas Tree

For a good Christmas, you don't have to re-invent the wheel.
You already have traditions, foods, and special things you bring out every year.

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  1. Happy Holidays!
    Sandra Evertson

  2. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Yes, I agree, something about the scent of lavender...never gets old. :)

  3. I think of you as more of a tinsel tree...you sure you filled that thing out right?

  4. I am a cranberry and popcorn strung tree.
    I added this to my blog too. Thanks for the idea.
    Becky K.

  5. I stole this one from you!

  6. I was a Cranberry and Popcorn Strung Tree - "Christmas is all about showcasing your creative talents.
    From cookies to nicely wrapped presents, your unique creations impress everyone. "



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