I have a date tonight!

I have a date with Garth Brooks in Kansas City tonight! Of course, my sister, my daughter, my husband, my future son-in-law, my brother in law, my niece and her husband, my nephew and his wife and my baby niece and her husband will all be with me! We have tickets to Garth's concert tonight at the Sprint Center.

My love affair with Garth started when a friend of Bob's said to me, after a long discussion of the merits of rock v. country, that he could change my mind with one song. I took that bet because all my life I have listened to country, my mom and dad's wailing country and have hated it.

Bob's friend (Bob, but that is confusing) put on I've Got Friends and I was hooked. Of course I lied and said something sarcastic but I was hooked. I bought the tape and listened to it all the way through. I have loved Garth ever since.

I have also learned to love other country people, particularly Alabama, but I claimed them as a rock band who took a wrong turn. However, I have learned through time that country bands really rake in the money, so who can blame them?

I'll catch you up tomorrow and hopefully have a few pictures to post!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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