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Missouri State Teacher of the Year 2007

Last night Bob and I attended the Missouri State Teacher of the Year banquet. This is an annual banquet to honor the finalists and the winner. Bob had a teacher make the finalist list (his second teacher to do so!) and so we attended to show support.

The banquet was lovely. The food was great! The decorations were simple and elegant. We were served a lovely chicken wrapped in puff pastry, with spinach and cream cheese wrapped up with it. There were whole green beans and mashed potatoes stuffed in their shells. Dessert was an individual chocolate cake drizzled in chocolate icing. The center was filled with cherry filling, yumm!

It was a delightful evening celebrating teachers!

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  1. Being the granddaughter of a teacher, the sister of a teacher, the cousin of several teachers, I can't say enough good things about teachers. My sister Toni recently retired after 30 years of teaching and is now back teaching part time...can't keep that girl out of the classroom! Sounds like the food was yummy!!!

  2. Teaching was my intended profession and I started at Penn State's Main Campus many years ago. Due to some poor advice and another plan that God had for my life I left there to become a Dental Assistant.
    Not that I regret my path, at all, I just found out later that advice from the advisor was not correct. I did not know that then, though.
    Later, I returned to that first calling but in a different way...financial education for families. I know that what I do is so much easier than classroom teaching. My hat is off to those who are in the classroom every day imparting knowledge to the future adults of this country. I had some incredible teachers as I grew up and am so thankful for them.
    Homeschooling my three lovely children and teaching at homeschool coop reinforces that being a teacher is a very hard job...but rewarding if you have a passion for it.

    The chocolate dessert sounds...ohhh..sooo...yummy!
    Becky K.

  3. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Nothing like being served great food while you are able to relax and just wait for it to arrive. :)

  4. Everything sounds yummy...especially the desert!

  5. All sounds just delicious. Congratulations to your hubby for having one of his receive the award.

  6. My sister is a former English teacher. She taught 8th grade English for the first 10 years of her marriage while she and John tried to have a baby. When Jozef was born, she quit. She misses teaching although she enjoys her job as a mom to 2 babies a little more. She says teaching is a part of her that will never go away.

    Her kids are 5 & 7 now. Guess they're not babies anymore, sniff.


  7. What? No pictures of the food??? Thankfully, I had some good teachers through the years who taught me to use my imagination so I'm IMAGINING how good that food looked right now! lol

  8. what a nice evening! Now I am hungry. LOL

  9. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Im so happy you both could enjoy time together. I also think it is special that bob takes the time to support his teachers after hours. That is probably why he has special teachers and a special wife to support him.

  10. Sounds like afun evening and all that good foood. Have a great night. Mary

  11. Sounds like a great evening and I so like how you described the food. Yummy! Oh and there should be more evenings celebrating teachers.

  12. I am sure it was a lovely evening for you all. Caring teachers are true heroes in my book!

    I have missed you dear Terri!! I am playing catch up and really enjoying reading what I have missed here!!


  13. Love the photo!!!

  14. Please tell Bob congrats on his teacher getting nom. and tell Ash don't worry I stink at Asteroids too! You guys are stinkers!

  15. What a meal! Yum Oh!



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