Thanksgiving Decorating

I am gradually getting my Thanksgiving decorating in place. Did you realize that Thanksgiving is next week? I still am working on the table but you can see where I am going with this. I am debating a tablecloth...

Ashley has oral surgery next week Monday, so we will probably have a very "under the radar" Thanksgiving at our house anyway.

I keep a Thankful Journal of our Thanksgivings at our home. Here is a peek into it.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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  1. I just love you folks who are so organized you can decorate for every important event, lol...I'll be lucky to get the Christmas ornaments up by New Years!!! I love the Turkey...he's a cutie...

  2. I am working on decorating our dining table but haven't got too far yet. I have Christmas on my mind too much, I think.
    Your's is looking really pretty.

  3. Hi there - nice to meet you both ! :o)
    Thankyou for poping by my blog for my give away - Good luck !
    I love your wall colour by the way !!

  4. I'm always one for a table cloth, but after seeing your table, I'm not so sure now. It's beautiful Terri and I don't think I would mess with it.

    Your Thankful Journal is a great idea!


  5. Uh oh....I had no idea Thanksgiving was NEXT week?!?!?! I must be living under a rock these days ;o( YOur dining room looks beautiful all decorated for Thanksgiving!!!

  6. I love your Thanksgiving decorations. I don't have any. I did have a turkey that you would squeeze and he would go gobble gobble but he went missing this past year and I can't find another one like him. Oh well, have a great week.

  7. Everything looks wonderful, dear Terri and I so love your idea of keeping a thankful journal pf all your Thanksgivings! Makes me want to cross the border just so that I can celebrate Thanksgiving all over again! hehe xox

  8. I usually wait until T-day to is not a big decorating day for me...A few candles and some colorful gourds on the table....

  9. Hey there friend! It has been forever since I have left a comment. Please come and visit me when ever! Love and miss ya dear friend! And thanks for your encourgement these last weeks!

  10. How pretty it all is!! I just know you will all have a wonderful day!

    Yikes!! It is almost here!!


  11. Love the journal idea!
    Is Ashley getting her wisdom teeth out?

  12. What a great idea for a Thanksgiving journal...I just love yours!


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