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I am the hostess for Ashley's first bridal shower this weekend. I am so excited to do it but I want everything to look beautiful. To that end, I hired carpet cleaners to come out and clean every inch of carpet I own. Found out last night that they A. did NOT clean the basement family room carpet and B. broke my favorite christmas frame that I made last year (see photo). Guess who is going to get a piece of my mind today???

Update: I spoke with the rug cleaners and they are sending someone out this afternoon to take care of the basement family room rug. I decided not to say anything about the frame... looking at it on this blog makes me realize that perhaps it is better off broken! :)

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  1. You are too funny! I'd complain that a. they broke it and b. they tried to fix it and look at it now! You might get a free shampoo out of it!

  2. What a cute and clever display! It has never occurred to me to use Christmas bulbs that way! Very nice!

    A rainy day in California!!!

  3. I think that frame is adorable, I've never seen one made with Christmas light bulbs before:-) Oh dear, you just can't hire good help anymore...I'm glad they're sending someone over to finish up the job!! xox

  4. That's a cheerful little frame, and you are way too funny.... It wouldn't help to complain about that, though. I'm glad they're fixing the part they can.

  5. It's hard to get good help! Sorry they broke your frame. Hope they make everything right.

  6. I LOVE that frame! What a great idea. Now stop giving me great ideas. I don't have time for all the great ideas I keep finding online. lol

    BUT - I'm thinking that AFTER Christmas, when all the lights go on sale, I might scoop up a few boxes (or maybe a few dozen!) and make some frames for next years gifts. Gosh....you've really got me going now. Thanks a lot! lol
    Merry Christmas!

  7. I think that picture frame is adorable!! You should definitely have said something. That was really cute, Terri!


  8. Too funny...did they break all the bulbs??? Cos, I guess if they didn't you could replace the ones that were broken...but I'm sure you've already thought of that...and with all you have going on now...who has time for one more thing to do on their list.


  9. From the picture, I can't tell that it's broken. Great idea for a frame!


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