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Hidden Haven Stocking Swap

I decided to participate in Peggy's Stocking Swap. Peggy has a wonderful blog called Hidden Haven Homestead that describes farm life so well that I think I want to live on one when I retire. All my farming friends say I am nuts.

I drew Pea's name and she had mine. Pea lives in Canada and I received her package on Monday. Wow, talk about organized.

Pea has a wonderful site, too. You can visit her at Pea's Corner.

Pea took a lot of time to wrap each individual item and tie it with string. The way the stocking was placed in the box was delightful as well. She found delightful items relating to christmas and what she doesn't know is that she hit every collection I have! There is a nutcracker, several snowmen, a santa towel, and so much more!

You can click on the picture to enlarge it, and I suggest you do so!

Enjoy the pictures! Thank you, Pea, my first stocking swap was wonderful!
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