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Last night Bob called me on the way home and asked if I wanted to drive to Columbia to see Ashley, who has been under the weather lately. She wanted to have dinner at Gumby's, a local pizza joint. She discovered that for $10 she could have an order of cheese sticks with ranch sauce delivered to her room. She is on their "short list" which is a list of repeat consumers!

Any way, I have been hearing a lot about Gumby's so I was excited to go. It is decorated with paintings of the cute cartoon character of the same name. Self service on soda and arcade games make waiting for your pizza fun.

It's the arcade games that caught our attention.... they had an old Asteroids machine! Bob and I spent hours on that machine in college. We were masters, Bob more so than me, able to spin and hit with deadly accuracy.

It was to my chagrin to learn that Ashley had never played Asteroids. So, we immediately dropped a quarter in. Little did I know that I was about to have the time of my life.

My kid is NOT good at Asteroids. I hooted and laughed until I thought I was going to wet my pants. Good heavens, even stoic Bob was laughing and splitting a gut. I think her score was 500 points.

Bob got on and played for awhile and instantly transported me to our college days, of hanging out at the local pizza joint, having hours of entertainment with a quarter.

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  1. How fun! Some things you just never outgrow.


  2. Terri,

    How fun! Aren't the unexpected pleasures some of the best!?!

    I think we had Gumby's in State College when we were there. Must be a college town kind of a place.

    There were seemingly a "million" pizza shops near Penn State.
    Becky K.

  3. You're just two big kids...why didn't I know? I'm sorry, but Ashley appears to be bored...or is that jealousy shining through, lol! Glad you are feeling better...
    p.s. you really have to jump over to T*mmy's place for a look at menopausal barbie...talk about laughing till you wet yourself! In case you don't have it it's www.gentleretreat.blogspot.com
    what a hoot!

  4. I am NOT good at Asteroids either and I have attempted to play MANY times! How wonderful that you got to visit her...I'm sure that visit made her feel a LOT better!

  5. Awh...this sounds like so much fun. There is no fun in the world like the kind you can have with one of your kids!

  6. Omigosh, i so remember the character Gumby:-) Sounds like a really fun time you had there and yup, I remember playing Asteroids on our first Commodore 64...the good old days! lol xox

  7. Anonymous8:58 PM

    That is sweet.. we all needs times to laugh.. have fun... and remember our youth.

  8. Oh! Asteroids!! I used to play this with my brother and I got really good at it! I think this looks like lots if fun...hmm...Dan would be bored with us playing Asteroids too. : ) Kids! Whatagonna do? *grin*


  9. I played Asteroids on my Atari. That sure brings back memories!!!
    Did you know that video games are no longer a quarter???
    Most are at least fifty cents:(


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