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Garth Brooks Rocks!

I was a tiny bit miffed when I found out that 50,000 other people were invited along on our date!

Garth is an extraordinary performer. He genuinely cares about his fans and deeply appreciates them, as was evident many times last night.

His wife, Tricia Yearwood, was awesome, too. Their duet was riveting and their love for one another evident.

We were home at 2 a.m., exhausted but totally enthused with our night.

The pictures are awful but my digital camera has a zoom and a really bad "mountain" setting that as you can see, wasn't that great!

Today I have to go to physical therapy and then to work, so I had better upload these pictures and get ready!

Long live Garth!

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  1. If you guys don't stop going off on these trips and forgetting to invite me, I'm gonna stop laughing so hard at the thought of Garth and his 49,999 other dates...wow, lucky you...am I to take it from this you are over your "blahickyness"? I'm glad!

  2. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Oh Terri, you lucky, lucky lady what i wouldn't have done to be at that concert. Garth is the best and we are true Garth fans here to the bone. Glad you enjoyed and boy will my son be envious of you.

  3. I told you!! I adore that man. He puts on the best concert. And you get your money's worth, dollar for dollar. I'm so glad that you had a good time.

    Feeling better?


  4. Still jealous! I would have loved to have been there with you instead of watching the CMA awards last night...disappointing. Glad you had fun.


  5. I'd heard he puts on fabulous concerts and it's good to know he hasn't lost his touch since his retirement! I love Trisha Yearwood also, her voice is amazing and I have many of her cds...her Christmas one is fantastic!! Glad you had such a great time:-)

  6. So glad to hear it was a good time. Sorry about all the "date crashers". Too funny!
    Love the pictures. Don't you love trying to take a picture of a moving target? It just makes it all the more real.
    Thanks for sharing from your special evening with all of the rest of us...who couldn't be there!
    Becky K.

  7. I have seen Garth in concert and he is fabulous. He puts on a nice show! Glad you had a nice time even if there were extra people tagging along!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Okay, so now I am like really envious. Garth AND Tricia?? Whoa!

    How dare all of those people try to tag along on your date! The nerve!!


  9. I would have loved to go to that concert because I 2 have "Friends in Low Places";)


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