To Do List

What would we do with out the ever present to-do list?? Some people are worn out by their never ending, ever lost to-do list but my list energizes me. It makes me feel accountable! It helps me feel accomplished!

On today's list at school:

1. Hire an interpreter for conferences
2. Finish the principal's newsletter for Friday
3. Sign and date all time sheets
4. Make sure Susie got my principal's report for the board packet
5. Finish my two observations
6. Wrap up our trip to Fulton on Monday
7. Go see the second grade's dress rehearsal for the concert tonight

Today's list for me:

1. Go to WW and join up!
2. Straighten up the main level so the housecleaners can clean!
3. Make my Thanksgiving shopping list
4. Call the oral surgeon about Ashley's procedure on Monday
5. Plan my excursions for Saturday (all the craft fests in town!)
6. Go to the concert tonight
7. Call the carpet cleaners

The best thing about these two lists are that they will probably be accomplished easily. Some lists aren't like that, such as the wedding list and Ashley's new business list, some things on that list haven't been crossed off in weeks.

But, that's the thing about lists, right, they motivate you to get going, get things done! I hope your list is a short one today!

This post was inspired by a blog I found called The To Do List Blog and you should go check it out. The author of the blog has published a book and I have put it on my Christmas list! ;)

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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