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National Game Week

I have been remiss in telling you that this is National Game Week. Every day at school I have listed games that kids can play with their families. Today we are focusing on UNO. I am purchasing several UNO card games for the families we are helping at Christmas.

What games do you like to play? My husband and I love cribbage and Sorry. We haven't played in ages, but I think we should start again!

Would you like to comment?

  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    My hubby hates games. I always loved Rook and yatzee.I be glad when Kaytlynn get old enough to play =)

  2. We play games all of the time! And Uno is one of my son Austin's favorites. We play Taboo, Guesstures, Monopoly, Pictionary, Life (YUCK), Imagine If..., Pop Culture, Scene It, Whoonu?, Kids Battle the Grown-ups, Mad Gab, Apples to Apples. I could go on and on. Usually once the time changes the games come out.


  3. hello, just catching up on your blog, that cookie swap looks great !, I so want to come on over I can almost taste them !. Everything looks so so nice

    x Dominique

  4. We love to play poker (I am almost embarassed to admit that) and Quiddler - a word game that is fantastic!

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Sandy :)

  5. Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Uno and Scrabble are my favorites and seem to be my family's favorites!

    I love games...and they are a great way to get the family together!


  6. Yatzee is my favorite!


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