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I saw this on Julie's blog, Nunnies Attic and it sounded like a fun thing to do! Go to amazon.com, click on books, click on advanced search and type your name in the title slot. Look at all the books that appear with your name!

Here's the book I chose, just so I can say that the words "Terri" and "gifted" have been on the same page at the same time!

Try it out!

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  1. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I did it and was surprised by how many things there were!


  2. Hi Gifted Terri-That is pretty clever!I wonder how people come up with stuff like this?!?!?! I searched my name but nothing came up really?!?!!? Have a great weekend :o)

  3. I keep intending to do this, cause it does sound like fun...gonna try it this weekend!

  4. Wasn't it fun? Oh the joy we get out of the simplest things! But for the record, we already knew you were Gifted!


  5. Cute idea...gotta try it. Hope there's one called "Kat who made it through Christmas decorating quickly, painlessly and is now enjoying it all". LOL!


  6. That's great.
    I found two. Fancy Nancy and Nancy Drew!



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