It's October!

Happy October!

I love October! I love that the days are warm but the nights and early mornings are cool. I love that the trees blaze up and show their prettiest colors. I love that pumpkins are on everyone's doorsteps.

I love that my daughter's birthday is in October. She was three weeks early and would have been a November baby (my birth month) but I think she is a perfect October baby.

I love college football! We are into the heat of the season. My beloved Mizzou Tigers are 4-0 and next week we play Nebraska! I love October tailgate parties the best! The wind blows, the leaves flutter around and the sun warms us gently. The good tastes oh, so good and its fun to sit together with our hoodies on.

I hope October brings you unlimited blessings.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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