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5 Ways To Make Your Home More Sustainable

 Are you trying to make your home more eco-friendly? We can all do our part to make our lives more sustainable. In fact, making your home more environmentally friendly can directly benefit your wallet, as you can conserve energy, water, and even maintenance costs. Here are five ways to make your home more sustainable.

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Invest In A Powerwall

A powerwall like a Tesla solar install works like a big solar battery. Powerwalls are placed in direct reach of the sun and store energy over time. This means that if you have a power outage, you have a direct backup system to run your fridge, electricity, and WiFi. It also reduces your reliance on the grid and can directly reduce your electricity bill at the same time.

Carry Out Basic Insulation Techniques

There are several budget-friendly and sustainable insulation techniques that can help retain heat in your home and reduce your use of energy. Draft-proof your doors and windows by using a draught-excluder, and ensuring that any gaps in window frames are filled in with waterproof mastic. You can even invest in blackout curtains and blinds to help heat reflect back into your home without needing to use central heating.

Replace Fluorescent Light Bulbs With Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Fluorescent light bulbs are often made out of toxic materials, are more expensive to run, and are more prone to breaking. Using eco-friendly alternatives like LED or CFL bulbs can help you save money, and use more energy-efficient bulbs that help the environment. You can do this gradually over time, by simply replacing bulbs that break with eco-friendly alternatives.

Set Up A Compost Heap

A compost heap helps reduce landfill waste by up to 30% and encourages food or plant waste to decompose, rather than be thrown away. The resulting compost can then be used to fertilize plants in your garden. Composting reduces the amount of methane in the air, the use of harmful pesticides, and also soil contamination. It’s also a fun activity to enjoy with the whole family, encouraging the younger generations to learn about environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Wash Your Clothes On A Cold Spin

Washing your clothes on a cold spin can help cut your energy bill in half. You’ll be using less energy as you won’t need hot water, and you will also save money. After washing your clothes on a cold spin, try to hang them outside to dry rather than relying on a clothes dryer. Clothes dryers use lots of energy to dry your clothes and can cause a huge spike in your energy bill as well.

Sustainable Techniques Benefit Everyone

Sustainability benefits the environment, your health, and your finances. Using sustainable solutions like composting genuinely reduces human exposure to soil contamination while draught-proofing your home can reduce your energy bill. We can all take these simple steps to make our lives more eco-friendly. In the long run, these small actions save up to a huge benefit to our environment.

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