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How To Streamline Your Workplace Processes For Efficiency

 Running a business takes energy, patience, tenacity, and time - lots of time. You need your processes to run like clockwork in order to maintain the workflow, get to meetings on time, and satisfy your customers. Instead of continuing to operate the same way that you have always done, make it a goal to innovate, change, and try something new. Here are some ideas to get you started on your path to success.

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Implement Time-Saving Software

If you find yourself frustrated by having multiple tabs, programs, or windows open at all times to manage all of the aspects of your staffing needs, it is time for a change. Enter the team communication app. With a comprehensive all-in-one-place program, everything you need to run your business smoothly is truly right at your fingertips. 

Here are some of the key points you will want in employee scheduling software:

  • Time Clock

A time clock component will allow you to seamlessly track your employees’ hours without the need to compare data with stand-alone time clocks. Instead, your team will clock in and out with ease using a related app on their phones. The app syncs in real-time and sends employees notifications if they are late or errantly forgot to clock into work.

A geofencing feature tracks staff login locations so you do not have to. Additionally, a cost-saving feature allows you to set time parameters around how early logins may occur so you can stay on top of payroll expenditures.

  • Scheduling

Managing schedules is at the heart of most businesses. You need to know when your business will be staffed and by whom. Coordinating multiple employees with competing priorities, responsibilities, and shift requirements takes time and diligence. Scheduling software lets you manage everyone in one place. You can see an overview of who is working, when, and where. You can manage gaps in the schedule at a glance.

With employee scheduling software, your staff can schedule their shifts themselves based on their availability. Should the need arise, they are able to trade shifts with other employees. All of this is accomplished with transparency, and you will receive alerts whenever a change is made.

Open the Lines of Communication

“Communication is key” is not just a saying. It is a necessity in any successful business. Communication helps build trust, ensures reliability, and is a vehicle for receiving information. It is important that your employees know they can come to you. 

These are functional ways you can bolster lines of communication within your business:

  • Open Door Policy

The Open Door Policy concept is seemingly ideal for workplaces. At its core, it invites anyone at any time to come to you about anything. What it really means is that you will make yourself available to listen. You will hear what people wish to discuss and take the information under advisement, speak to others as appropriate, or take immediate action. This policy does not mean that you will circumvent the chain of command. You will lead it.

Here is a helpful video that guides you on the best practices of how to accept feedback and information when your employees come to you.

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  • Use Communication Software

A team communications app that is already integrated with your time clock functionality will make everyone’s lives easier. Time clock usage and communications in one place mean fewer things open on phones and computers. It also means that you, the management staff, and your employees are all able to message each other instantly. Mass messages disseminating important company-wide policies and information will be more efficient than ever before.

Communications software allows you to send private messages or group messages. Specialized teams can have their own group chats with notifications enabled each time a new message is received. Specific employee groups, catering to different demographics or hobbies, as appropriate, will be able to share new information or activities with a few quick clicks.

Break Down the Processes

When things are running smoothly, it may seem tantamount to inefficiency to question the processes already in place. In reality, most things in life can benefit from a review and retooling. Take a step back and assess how your workplace functions with a fresh set of eyes. To do this, you do not need to completely reinvent the proverbial wheel. Instead, look for areas that lead to lag time or excess waste in materials or time.

Below are ways to begin this endeavor:

  • Enlist Outside Assistance

If you feel that it may be difficult to see the true operational workings of your company without bias or emotion, consider outsourcing the task. An efficiency consultant can provide the services you are looking for with the impartiality you need.

Invite an efficiency consultant into your workplace. They will review your written workflow guides and policies and then watch your employees in action. They will take notes and review what is working and what is not as effective as it could be. Your consultant will provide a detailed report on their findings to include comprehensive suggestions for change and how to implement them for success.

  • Query your Staff

Hire an outside consulting company or ask your Human Resources office to create a comprehensive survey. Leave many of the questions open-ended to get optimal feedback with real-world solutions or ideas for consideration. 

Ask your team for suggestions on what does and does not work within the company in a generic way. Begin to drill down on the finer details of specific workflow processes within the company. Ask for ideas on how to make the systems more efficient. Ensure the surveys have an alternative for anonymous participation, should the employees desire this option.

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Make positive changes today to get your business on the right track. Utilize technological advancements such as employee management software to make your work easier and less frenetic. Communication, streamlined efficiency, and improved productivity are all things to strive for. Throughout the process of enacting proactive changes, ensure your team of employees is content, comfortable, and happy. Remember, communication is key when it comes to a successful workplace.

Another thing you can consider for you as a business owner and for the employees is participating in business mastermind groups. These groups are designed to provide business owners as well as entrepreneurs with the strategies and tactics required to scale a business by 100% and more. These will give one opportunity to 1) to gain a spot in a monthly roundtable discussion where you can tell specific problems and get solutions, 2) win a business that works for you, and 3) to grow and scale your business.

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