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Preventing Extreme Temperatures at Home This Summer

Welcome to summertime! Depending on where you live, you may already have a taste of summer in the recent weeks as weather stations measured record-breaking temperatures in places such as Atlanta. Here's the bad news for you: The temperatures are going to carry on increasing all the way up until the end of August! So it's essential to make sure our homes are equipped to keep us cool. 

Scheduling your air conditioning service is a no-brainer, and if you haven't already, consider this your reminder. Regular maintenance and servicing will ensure your HVAC system continues to perform while keeping your energy consumption as low as possible. Lack of servicing could clog up the system, making the unit works harder than necessary to cool the house down. 

But what else can you do to ensure your home stays as fresh as possible?

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Check for potential air leaks

An air leak is similar to a water leak; it's a spot where the air (or the water) can either escape or come through. When it comes to your home, air leaks work in both directions. They let the fresh indoor air out and replace it with outdoor heat. 

Where can you find those pesky air leaks? There are some obvious spots, such as:

  • Missing or broken roof tiles — make sure to arrange for proper roof maintenance so issues can be identified and fixed rapidly

  • Lack of insulation around the windows — aka, you can feel the hot air coming through

  • Lack of insulation in your walls or floor — it will feel warm to the touch 

  • Having a family pet without a proper door flap — keeping the door wide open in summer for your pet to freely wander between the house and the garden will let all the hot air in

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Add plenty of plants and trees to your garden

A green garden in summer may sound like a counterproductive idea. But, in reality, keeping your garden lush can help cool down your property. As a rule of thumb, you want to focus on plants that will not require too much water, as it is important to reduce excessive water consumption in the middle of a heatwave. 

First of all, trees are fantastic at casting a shadow over the house. If the tree is tall enough to cast a shadow on the roof, you will need to have it trimmed every year to prevent risk. However, even a tree whose shadow only reaches your wall will help keep temperatures down inside your home by a few degrees. 

Plants do not need to grow tall to make a difference, though. Green bushes and flowers release moisture and oxygen at night, which will help to bring temperatures down in the garden and the surrounding area. You can even add an indoor garden to cool down your rooms and help you sleep more comfortably. 

In conclusion, preparing your home for the summer can be crucial to stay comfortable even during a hot day. Remember to drink plenty of water as your body will sweat more in summer — it is part of our natural cooling system! 

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