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Four Garden Party Tips for a Scorching Summer

 Summer is right around the corner, and not a moment too soon. With the weather steadily improving and the days growing yet longer, the prospect of hosting garden parties and outdoor shindigs becomes all the more palatable – but after three seasons without, it can be a bit difficult planning the first garden event from scratch.

Here, we’ll offer up some simple tips to make your patio party planning that little bit easier. By following the below advice, you can take your garden gathering to the next level and ensure that your friends come back for more!

Light and Shade

When it comes to balmier summer days, not many of us would turn down a chance to get our tan on – even if we do risk inadvertently baking in the midday sun… However, some of us are much more sensitive to sun than others, and too much of a good thing is indeed possible.

While many of your guests will be more than happy soaking up the rays, it’s important that you ensure there’s plenty of shade on offer too, to which people can retire without retiring from the party. Trees are good sources of natural shade, but you can also make use of pergolas and parasols to create shade on your patio.

Light After Dark

Of course, a good party is likely to last long after the sun has set – and with the summer weather offering comfortable temperatures well into the evening, the only thing in your way is the waning light. This is where garden lighting comes in.

By strategically placing solar garden lights around your garden, patio and flowerbeds you can illuminate your outdoor space well into the evening, meaning people can see each other as well as where they’re placing their feet. Garden lighting has something of a magical feel to it, as well, making your garden a desirable place to spend an evening enjoying one another’s company.

Playing Music

No party is complete without music. However, blasting music from your living room hi-fi or television is an inelegant and inefficient solution, though one much relied-upon by the unprepared. Instead, you could invest in a wireless Bluetooth speaker, which you can place in your garden for immediate ambience. Bluetooth speakers also raise the possibility of shifting music responsibilities to different people, as guests can pair their phone with the speaker and become the DJ for a spell.

Garden Games

For smaller social events, there’s nothing like a good garden game to break the ice. There are several ways you can go with this; a small garden croquet set can be a fun and active way to spend an afternoon, while oversized playing cards can enable spirited games of horse-racing or even ‘Higher or Lower’ – upping guest participation and making for a uniquely fun afternoon! 

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