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Essentials for Your Travel Makeup Bag Budget-Friendly

Traveling makeup is a fun challenge involving packing the absolute essentials and still looking gorgeous. Several people who must travel for work, for fun, or explore far-off places search for lightweight makeup they can apply quickly. Budget-friendly travel makeup items are available in plenty from various brands.

Expert secrets for eye makeup

Eye makeup smudges after some time, even when you stay indoors, and maintaining them while traveling without getting panda eyes is not easy. Experts suggest you avoid using kohl or under eyeliners when you travel and use white liners to make the eyes look bigger. Use champagne-colored concealers on the inner parts of the eyes near the nose to make them shine brighter. Choose simple palettes with two or four colors to match your outfits packed for traveling.

Never try dark eyeliners on the upper lips or experiment with winged eyeliners during travel, as they will smudge easily. Wear quality lashes that stay on for weeks and tint them with a thick waterproof mascara to withstand sweat. Lilac St, Eylure, Sweed, and Trish McEvoy brand false eyelashes are the best in the market, suitable for travel as they are lightweight and last for nearly ten days.

Skincare essentials

Exfoliate the skin without fail while traveling to remove the extra impurities settling on your skin. Choose a mild cleanser, and always pack a toner and moisturizer in your makeup back. The absolute travel essentials are just three products, a cleansing cum exfoliation scrub, a toner that doubles as perfume-like lavender water, and a moisturizer.

Pack the right brushes and a sponge to apply the makeup properly and minimize the brushes to three. One for lipstick, one for eye shadow, and one for blush with a sponge for spreading foundation and concealer on the face evenly is more than enough. A lip and cheek tint, false lashes, mascara, and a foundation cum primer are the other essentials.

Face prepping products

Buy a tinted moisturizer or a primer that doubles as a foundation, or use plain aloe gel, a primer, and a skin moisturizer. Use a primer to prep your face before applying makeup while traveling without fail to make it last longer. Traveling usually exposes your skin to strong wind, and it is essential to use a setting spray. Use travel-size setting spray or buy a small rose water bottle and spritz it on your face often to look fresh.

Use a tube concealer and a small foundation filled in travel-friendly kits instead of taking the entire bottle. Avoid taking eye shadow palettes or blush palettes when traveling, even if it’s a small box, as they are mirrored and will get damaged.

Lips and cheeks

It is better to use the same lip tint for lips and cheeks and go with creamy ones instead of powdery ones. Buy mini travel lipsticks or bullet lipsticks to pack in your travel pouch. You can scrap a small portion of your favorite huge lipstick into an empty gel eyeliner box. Touch it up with a brush whenever you want, as it won’t dry away because the lids are airtight.

Blushes are an absolute must for some women, and they can try tube blushes which can also get used as an eye shadow. Pack creamy matte mini lipsticks that last for 24 hours, so you need not touch up regularly during the travels. Use a small lip balm to moisturize your lips frequently and keep them shiny.

Neck, hands and back care

People who travel frequently use various types of public transport, lean on multiple things and increase their chance of getting back acne. Their hands are constantly exposed to different weather conditions and might get tanned quickly. Due to excess pollution, oil, and grime build-up, the neck region might develop small skin tags or blackness. The best way to handle all of them is using an excellent oil-free cleanser that cleans effectively.

Use a makeup wipe with natural ingredients like aloe gel or cotton dipped in good cleansing mild and clean the neck and hands before going to bed every day. Wipe your back yourself or use a back rub brush to clean it thoroughly when you wash your face. Apply turmeric and milk pack on the neck, hands, and back to remove the tan and remove acne. Use a cream with curcumin or turmeric on the back, neck, and hands to keep them smooth and infection-free.

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