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Does the Exterior of Your Home Need Cleaned?

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Many of us regularly clean the inside of our home, but forget about the outside. While the exterior of your home probably doesn’t need to be cleaned too regularly, it is something you can benefit from doing occasionally to make your home look more attractive and reduce wear and tear. Below are just some of the exterior cleaning tasks that could be worth considering. 

Your driveway

Driveways can attract dirt, moss, mildew and leaves over time. Cleaning your driveway will keep it looking presentable and prevent any permanent damage. Surfaces like asphalt, concrete and paving should be occasionally swept and jet-washed. You can buy a pressure washer or you can hire someone to pressure wash your driveway for you. Obviously, if you have a gravel driveway, such cleaning may not be necessary and it could be a case of just occasionally raking it to keep the gravel evenly distributed.

Your door

A dirty front door won’t create a good first impression. It could be worth occasionally wiping down your front door to get rid of any dirt and dust. If the paint has become faded, it could be worth repainting your door (this could be the chance to try a new color). Make sure to also get rid of any cobwebs around your porch and to clean any glass in or around your door. .

Your windows

Dirty windows don’t just negatively affect the appearance of your home. They distort your view out of your windows and limit the amount of sunlight coming in. Consequently, it’s worth occasionally cleaning the outside of your home’s windows. On top of cleaning the glass, make sure to also clean the frames. For this job, you’ll likely need to get up on a ladder. It could be worth hiring a professional window cleaner (especially with upper storey windows) to save time. 

Your roof

Your home’s roof can attract dirt, moss and mildew over time, which can also bring down the appearance of your home. Cleaning your roof every few years can make your home look more attractive and also extend the life of your roof. Cleaning a roof can be dangerous so it’s worth hiring roof cleaning services. They will be able to clean your roof safely and thoroughly. While cleaning your roof, it’s also important to clean your guttering - blockages of leaves can affect your guttering’s drainage and could even damage your guttering. This is another job that may be best handled by a professional rather than attempting it yourself.

Your walls

Cleaning your home’s exterior walls is a labor-intensive job, but one that may need to be done occasionally. How to clean your home’s walls depends on the surface. Brickwork and stone can benefit from being scrubbed and adding a fungicide to get rid of any mildew. With timber siding you may similarly be able to scrub it clean or use a pressure washer. If your home has exterior paint and this has become faded, you may want to occasionally repaint it. 

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