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Best Places to Visit In Houston on Your Next Trip

Houston is a great place to visit either for a weekend getaway or vacation.


If you are in search of culture, shopping, wonderful dining, unique attractions, and almost unforgettable experiences, then you will love Houston.


Houston is one of the largest cities in the US and remains a splendid attraction for visitors due to what the city offers; museums that give you art inspiration, famous and wonderful cuisines, beautiful natural places and landscapes, and a nice bayou that runs through the heart of the city.


Depending on the period you're opportune to travel, you might even be able to participate in games or enjoy their wonderful events.


Traveling to Houston? Then you need a list of where to go for maximum enjoyment and entertainment when you get there. This is our top list of attractions in Houston, and you'll surely be thankful for it.

The Museum District

The Museum District had about nineteen museums situated in Houston's downtown beautiful area and remains one of Houston's greatest cultural attractions. Eleven out of the nineteen museums are free to the public.


Although the Menu and Rothko chapel are a little far from each other, most of the other Museums are only a little distance from each other.


The Museum District is situated at 1001 Bissonnet Street, Houston, Texas, and is a place that you'll surely love if you're a lover of arts.

The Houston Zoo

Occupying about fifty-five acres of land in Herman park, the zoo is home to over six thousand indigenous and exotic animals.


Part of what visitors enjoy when they visit the Houston Zoo includes watching marine life in the aquarium, feeding the giraffes, and looking at sea lions and otters moving about. McGovern Lake is especially fun because you can take a boat trip, or stroll along the area.


Hermann Park is located at 6200 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, Texas, and is a beautiful place for people who love adventure.

Houston Street Art

Although this part of Houston is often overlooked by tourists, it's a part of Houston you don't want to miss. Houston's street art, which is commonly referred to as graffiti, is nothing short of outstanding. The installation of this art was done by some of the famous names in street art throughout the United States of America and further around the world, including Houston's Gonzo247 and COPE2 can be found there.


These colorful arts beautify the walls of buildings in various locations throughout the city and are a breathtaking sight especially if you take your time to drive around ok a sightseeing adventure.


The unofficial curator of the street art in Houston is Gonzo247 a charismatic artist that is not just one of the most famous street artists in Houston, but also the creator of the giant mural popularly called "Houston Inspired". The Houston Inspired is in two places, a larger one at Travis and Preston Streets, and a smaller one at Leeland and St. Emanuel Streets.


The area that houses the smaller Houston Inspired is also home to several beautiful installations that adorn the walls of the area. Other graffiti of various sizes can also be found scattered across the city on different walls.


Planning to visit Houston, take time to drive around the city and enjoy the breathtaking art you see while also breathing in enough fresh air that the city offers.

Buffalo Bayou Park

If you want to know more about Houston and what the city has to offer, then the museums and graffiti are sparingly enough, you should visit Buffalo Bayou Park.


Buffalo Bayou Park is a gorgeous green space of about a hundred and sixty acres running through the city with slow-moving waters as its centerpiece.


This urban park encourages extensive walking and is home to biking trails, sculptures, a dog park, and lots of shady areas where people can relax.


If you are in search of fun things to do in Houston especially when you're outdoors, you can rent a canoe, a kayak, or a stand-up paddleboard and enjoy the bayou. You have access to rentals at the park and there are lots of tours offered to visitors. There are also guided cycling tours available to visitors.

The Livestock Show In Houston

A visit to Houston without going to the Livestock show is not a complete visit. Competition season is done daily often between the end of February and the beginning of March with people crowding the NRG Stadium to watch the show. There are various competitions and other local events that also intrigue visitors at the show.


Part of the highlight of the show, which is bull riding, leaves people on their toes.


This is particularly an interesting show, one that you would not want to miss if you visit during the period when the livestock show is taking place.


Houston is a wonderful place with several intriguing attractions. These attractions are what makes Houston stand out among other places in Texas. If you're in search of a place to go for vacation, you should try visiting Houston, and if you have, how about those beautiful places described in the article during your next visit.


While not everyone has the same interests and you might not enjoy every area, some areas will surely pique your interest and appeal to you - one way of giving you an unforgettable experience.

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