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Test Your DIY Strength with These Fun Summer Projects

Having DIY skills is a huge boon in life. After all, you know how to fix an issue in an afternoon with bits just from your own toolbox! Even if you’re just getting to grips with doing things yourself, you’re still a cut above the rest when it comes to self sufficiency and home maintenance. And that’s why it might be time to test your skills a little. Here are some fun projects to do over the summer that require nothing more than really knowing each end of the hammer! 

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Set Up a Wall Collage

Wall collages can mean many things. Indeed, from having a simple wall of photos of your loved ones to mixing and matching wood tones to simply hanging up some beloved art - a collage adds a lot of flavor to a room. And seeing as it won’t take much expertise to hang up things like frames, this is a good tester of your basic DIY knowledge. Check the wall, get your nails, clips, and brackets ready, and then get to work. Whatever it is you want on the wall, you can nail and hang it! 

Make a Novelty Bookcase

Novelty bookcases always add a bit of fun character to a home, and if you’ve got a free wall or a space under the stairs, this could be your time to shine. And novelty bookcases are really quite simple; even when you choose an odd shape like a diamond or circle, shelves still work with the same dimensions. So pick up some wood planks, nails, backing, and paint from a store like Granite Falls Ace Hardware, sketch out a design for your bookcase’s shape, and then take a couple of hours to set it all up. 

Knock Together Some Garden Planters

Garden planters are really an intermediate project, but they’re still a fun thing to do on a summer afternoon. This is especially true if you’d like to start harvesting your own fruits and vegetables during the upcoming months - it’s much easier to cultivate a plant when it has a raised bed of its own to thrive in. Plus if you’ve got some old planks of wood around and a bit of paint left over, this is a good way to reduce wastage in your household. Cut them to size, make sure you’ve filed down the joints correctly, and then secure the box with nails or glue. 

You will love making planter boxes for railings and it is so fun to create arrangements each year.

Apply Some Color Pops to Your Space

And finally, why not just break the paintbrush out and see how well you can use it? The painting technique is just as important as the work you do with it, and a bubbly wall can ruin the look of a room in seconds! Test out different brushes, set up some painter’s tape, and add a bit of color to doors, cupboards, and headboards

DIY projects aren't just repairing jobs - they can be fun too! Check off this list to see how well-versed you are in using your toolbox. 

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