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Things to expect from Home Inspector in Dallas to get the best services


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When you decide to buy or sell your home in Dallas, everyone would be interested in knowing the condition of your home before deciding to purchase. If you seek to hire a home inspector in Dallas, you can expect the inspector to examine the following.

  • Brick & mortar – The home inspector needs to check the brick and mortar to see any cracks or whether they have deteriorated.

  • Siding, flashing, and trim – If there are any damages in frieze board separation, it will allow moistures and critters to enter your home.

  • Roofs, eaves, and fascias – Dallas Fort is a city known for its gnarly weather. Hence, you should expect the home inspector to inspect the exterior part of the house, like the roof.

  • Exterior doors – Ensure that home inspectors check for improperly sealed doors and rotted frames as they are one of the common entry points that allow the moisture and bugs to penetrate.

  • Landscaping, grading, drainage, and wall retention – Excess water pooling in landscaping, grading, and retaining walls without gutters and other storage facilities is a huge red flag. Hence, the home inspectors cannot afford to ignore that aspect.

  • Decks, patios, balconies, and the steps with railing – A qualified home inspector is expected to know the cited structural failures and possible safety hazards and check for the bricks, the quality of the cement, etc.

  • Walkways, patios, and driveways – It is common for the home inspector to check and note the cracks in concrete patios and driveways in Dallas. Hence, you need to ensure they send you the walkways, patios, and driveways report.

  • Downspouts – Though the installation of downspouts comes to you at cheap rates, never be surprised if the home inspectors come to you with a report that states the non-functioning of the gutter systems.

  • Skylights – During hot summers, it will be hard to detect or tell whether there is a leakage in the skylight. Hence, you need to add thermal imaging to the home inspection package. It would be impossible to detect the broken window seals, leaky roofs, and slab leaks if the thermal imaging picks upon them. 

Home Inspection Center has a team of home inspectors in Dallas that examines the external items at your home and gives you an accurate report.

What interior parts of the home can you expect an inspector to examine?

At Home Inspection Center, you can expect the inspectors to examine the internal items like:

  • Examining or finding out the condition of the seals and checking the screen’s presence.

  • Checking for uneven flooring, cracks in the streetrock, and weak foundation areas.

  • Check the safety of stairwells and the steps.

  • Check the functioning of the cabinet doors and whether they open and close properly.

  • Examining the functionality of garage doors and carpets.

  • Checking the cleanliness of HVAC filters.

  • Looking out for smoke detectors that have missing faces or dead batteries.

  • Look out for the leakage of showerheads.

  • Examine the water pressure.

  • Check whether attic insulation is covered or not.

  • Inspect the missing plate covers and overload breaker boxes that create fire hazards.

  • Determine the cooling and heating of HVAC.

Why choose us?

At Home Inspection Center, you get some of the benefits like:

  • Customized inspection services

  • 24/7 Customer support

  • Customer-centric

  • Affordability

  • Accurate report after the inspection.


An internal and external checking of a home would be helpful as you can avoid the possible hazards.

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