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Surprising Ways Home Decor Can Boost Your Happiness

They say a tidy space means a tidy mind and it could not be truer. Your space affects how you feel, how productive you are, and whether or not you are able to perfect mood stabilization. You’d be surprised that by simply adopting a more minimalist décor concept and purging your belongings you can achieve a lot of personal satisfaction. 

For people that don’t prefer a minimalist approach, small carefully chosen decorative touches can lift your space and make it look larger and brighter contributing greatly to your happiness. 

Let Nature Find You 

A ton of research suggests that being in or close to nature boosts one’s mood and creates feelings of joy and peace. Use nature and natural elements and textures in your home décor in abundance to create the feeling you are in the great outdoors. Use faux foliage as a decorative element as well as flower pots, succulents, and plants. 

Artificial varieties are great if you are busy and have difficulty looking after real plants. If you are redoing your bathroom consider using tiles that mimic the effect of natural pebbles and rocks, especially in your shower area. 

Using wood wherever you can even if it is of the low-cost, laminated type can also make you feel you are in a peaceful cabin in the woods. Use a lighter finish of wood for your furniture as it adds more light, especially to smaller rooms and apartments. Using materials like jute and wicker can also give that beachy, natural vibe that calms a lot of people. You can also create a fusion of natural and modern metallic by incorporating some rose gold elements in your bedroom on a budget for that deluxe on a dime feel! 

Paint Over It

One of the first things any decorator will do when confronted with a cluttered space following no real theme is to paint it over. Choosing an ideal color for wall paint or a pattern for wallpaper can make a huge difference to how you feel in a room as it occupies the most space as a décor element. 

Choose paint colors like yellow, duck egg blue, pastel shades, or warm white to impart joy and really open up the space. Sprucing up the walls with your favorite wall art, photographs, and perhaps a custom house painting can be the next step as what better place to show your interests and passions than the walls of your house? 

Curate Lighting Options 

The type of lighting you use in your home or the lack thereof can have a serious impact on how you feel. Lack of lighting can even cause depression or low mood! If you want to install a chandelier or ceiling light fixtures, always check your roof for damage or water leakage from rains by calling trusted roofing contractors to evaluate the situation. 

If you are living in a rented space you can always use command hooks for certain light fixtures or choose floor lamps, or selective light-emitting lamps such as sunset or moon lamps that mimic natural light as it changes through the day. Fairy lights, lanterns, or other LED decorative lights can make every day seem like a party at your house. 

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