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Best 10 Tik Tok Wedding Accounts To Follow

Ever since TikTok came to be, many influencers have emerged from behind the scenes, and this includes wedding planners and other wedding-related influencers. Wedding TikTok land is one filled with advice on wedding must-haves such as the bride to be subscription box, advice on bridal accessories, wedding snacks, and much more. Brides-to-be have never had so much information at their disposals such as where to get the perfect dress or bridal duties and wedding etiquette.

Sometimes, this can make it difficult to filter the right places to visit and get the information you need when planning a wedding. Though TikTok is known for its fun videos that tend to go viral, it’s also a great place to share wedding inspo and find vendors.

So, if you’re looking for all of that important bridal info that can help you plan, we’ve put together a whittled-down list of some of our favorite TikTok accounts to go to for unique wedding ideas.


1.     @misstomrsbox

Whether you’re searching for ideas for a TikTok planner or even a bridal box TikTok, the account to look out for is the @misstomrsbox. The miss to Mrs bridal box is that one gift you can give to yourself that keeps giving. It can take you through the wedding planning process all through to the honeymoon, constantly providing all that you would need to get you through. With the right bride subscription box, you get the wedding planning hack of the century. One bride box is customized to meet your specific needs, be it wedding planners, personalized wedding décor, or sexy wedding night lingerie. The misstomrs TikTok account also gives you a window into the lives of real brides and their real experiences while planning their weddings. With access to wedding planning tools and luxurious bridal accessories, this is one wedding subscription box you shouldn’t get married without. Discover why many brides choose these bridal box subscriptions to help them achieve their dream wedding.

2.     @gardeniaweddings

Krystal Gardenia, a wedding planner based in Texas and Arizona, gives out free wedding TikTok advice tackling a myriad of questions that can help brides to be. Topics on getting a wedding website, wedding tradition, and wedding etiquette, are just some of the advice that she doles out. So, whether you are a groom or bride-to-be, or even a wedding guest with questions, you can take advantage of this resource.


3.     @weddingfashionexpert

If you are searching for wedding TikTok dress ideas, then Nayri Kalayjian has got your back. Using her @weddingfashionexpert TikTok account, the Lovella Bridal fashion expert based in L.A. doles out advice on wedding shopping. Being also an author and stylist gives her insight into picking the right shoes and bridal accessories and even the best ways to pose for the best photos in your wedding dress. Her body positivity messages have also been a hit with brides around the world.


4.     @theweddingplanningguide

Based in Chicago, wedding planners Elyse and Betsy Dawn are not only TikTok celebrities, they are sisters. Offering wedding TikTok advice and tips that can help you pull off a successful wedding. They are one of our top accounts to follow. The sisters are also florists and share indispensable advice on flowers, flower arrangements, and the many ways you can creatively use them in your wedding décor.


5.     @elliejuengel

An ingenious creator, Ellie Juengel grew to fame on TikTok by using herself as an inspiration. Posting all the steps from planning her wedding to the platform gave others helpful inspiration and ideas and garnered her hundreds of thousands of followers. Sharing every detail from picking out wedding outfits, to taking dancing lessons, and even planning her bridal shower, it paid to follow the wedding TikTok trend that is @elliejuengel, and it can pay you too.


6.     @gritandgraceeventsco

If you want daily and easy-to-access wedding advice that is straight to the point, then you must consider this California-based wedding planner. Their tips are genius as they are simple and often given straight into the camera while in line at a Starbucks drive-thru. If you like simple and informal, this is the wedding TikTok account for you.


7.     @gowneyedgirl

Need TikTok accounts for an unconventional bride? We have one here. Kennedy, a brilliant stylist and design consultant, uses the platform to display wedding outfits, gowns, jumpers, pantsuits, and more to fit every style, aesthetic, and taste out there. Leaving a job in finance to pursue her dream in fashion, you can be sure that she knows her numbers and her style. She has provided a home for any and all who don’t feel comfortable fitting with tradition.


8.     @littlemountainmelody

If you are looking to DIY a lot of your wedding décor and need TikTok centerpieces ideas, Haley Simpson is your go-to for the best and most creative work. On her account, you will find videos on how to make delightful centerpieces, handmade signs, and more crafter and calligrapher creations. Her rustic style often involves mirrors, chalkboards, sharpies, and acrylic paint.


9.     @theicingartist

If you’d like to take your DIY one step further and handle your wedding cake, then report to the wedding channel of this artist. She shows you how to transform store-bought standard cakes into works of art that would be great for any type of wedding.


10.  @haleymcelroyco

Do you plan to elope? Then consider the TikTok wedding account that specializes in destination weddings and elopements. With magnificent and edgy shoots, this channel showcases the beauty of such weddings and everything that leads up to them.


No need to look too far for a wedding TikTok. These 10 must-follow accounts have you covered as you plan your wedding.


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