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Easy and Fun Ways to Mix Up Your Sandwich Fillings

 Sandwiches are one of the easiest and most popular options to have for lunch. They're really portable, which makes them great for a packed lunch, and they're usually really quick and easy to make too. But sandwiches can also start to get boring if you have the same bread and the same fillings every time. A cheese or ham sandwich can become pretty dull if you have it enough times. If you like the convenience of sandwiches, but you're fed up with the same fillings all the time, it doesn't have to take much to change things up a little.

Here are some ideas that might help to inspire you if you want to mix up your sandwich fillings and make lunchtime interesting again.

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Make Use of Leftovers

Some leftovers can make great sandwich fillings, whether you use them on their own or as a base for your filling. For example, maybe you roasted a chicken, and now you have some leftover meat to use. You could use the chicken on its own, perhaps with some salad and your choice of condiment. Or you could use it to make a more exciting sandwich filling. Try mixing it with some sauce or salad dressing. Your chicken could become coronation chicken, a chicken and bacon sandwich, BBQ or chipotle chicken, or any other flavors you want to add.

Use Your Slow Cooker

Slow cookers can be excellent tools for cooking up some delicious sandwich fillings. You don't want to have to do anything too complicated just to make sandwiches, and that's how slow cookers can help. It's so easy to make a Crock Pot pulled pork that's perfect for using in sandwiches. Just put the ingredients in your slow cooker, turn it on and come back when it's ready. Slow cookers are especially good for making meat tender and juicy, which is ideal when you want to make tasty sandwich fillings. Try making pork, beef, and chicken fillings for your sandwiches.

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Layer the Flavors

Anyone can quickly put a piece of cheese or ham between two pieces of bread. But any really good sandwich has multiple flavors, and it doesn't take much longer to level up your sandwich. Instead of sticking with just one or two ingredients, think about how you could add to it with more flavors. Add a condiment, a dressing, a chutney, or a preserve for a little more zing. Put some salad or some vegetables in your sandwich to make it healthier. Think about the flavor of your bread too, because it can make a difference to how your fillings taste and vice versa.

Consider the Classics

There are some excellent sandwich classics that can help to inspire your lunches. If you're not sure what to do with your sandwich fillings, returning to the classics is a good way to make a decision. Think about options like the club sandwich, Reuben, BLT, sloppy joes, beef brisket, salmon and cream cheese, cheese toasties, and other classic sandwiches. You can stick to the classic recipes, or you could try a twist on the traditional ingredients or preparation methods. Try a cheese toastie with a different kind of cheese, or add some extra flavors to your BLT.

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Go Veggie

A lot of sandwich fillings are based around meat or cheese, but not everyone wants to have these things in their sandwiches. Even if you do eat meat, sometimes you want to have a veggie sandwich instead. It can be tricky to think of vegetarian or vegan sandwich options, but there are plenty that you can consider. You can also think of lots of different textures to use in your sandwiches. Humus makes a good sandwich base, for example. You can use vegetables (and even fruit) with different textures, from avocado to beets. Of course, salad leaves can be a good addition to your sandwich too.

Be Inspired By Bread Options

If you're not sure what to put in your sandwiches, think about your different bread options to give you inspiration. If you're going for a bagel, some classic smoked salmon or salted beef brisket could be your filling. If you're using a pitta or another flatbread, maybe some falafel would be great to fill it. Fajita or taco fillings can be a great choice if you're using tortillas or other wrap-style bread. There are lots of different bread options that could inspire your fillings.

Mix up your sandwich fillings to make your lunches more fun and interesting while keeping them as convenient as possible.

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