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Electric Heating System Troubleshooting Tips

Electric heating systems are very reliable, but there are still things that can go wrong. Here are some signs that your heater might need repair.  Check these out now, before you actually need the hot air!  Repairs will be easier to schedule in the off-season, too.

Check the thermostat settings.

If you notice that the temperature setting is too high or low, check the thermostat settings to make sure they're correct. You should also check the thermostat's battery level. A low battery will cause the thermostat to malfunction.

Does the power cord work properly?

Check the power cord to see if it has any damage. Also, make sure the electrical outlet is plugged into a grounded circuit breaker box. If you find anything wrong with the power cord, replace it immediately. Electricians are the best source for this type of repair, unless you consider yourself a true DIYer.

Are the fuses working correctly?

Fuses are used to protect against short circuits and overloads. They should blow before a fuse blows out. You can check them by using a multimeter. A blown fuse will cause a red light to appear on the meter.  Most fuses can be a DIY project, but as always, only do what you are comfortable doing. Let an expert do the things you aren't!

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