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Round Out Your Kitchen with This Pot Set Trio

 A chef is only as good as tools in their kitchen. Do you believe that? We don’t either. Chefs can get pretty crafty when needed, and they can be creative. Having the highest quality cookware makes the job easier. You should have all the essential tools within reach, including sharp knives, seasonings, and a high-quality pot set that includes the most versatile sizes. 

The Perfect Trio

No one pot fits every recipe or preparation, so you’ll need several pots and pans at your disposal. We’ve conveniently bundled the most commonly used pot sizes so you always have the best tool for the job, whether making a delicate sauce to finish the perfect menu for two or enough chili to feed the football team at the school potluck.

2-QT Pot + Lid

A small pot is often notorious for placing your hand closer to the heat source, but the stay-cool handle allows you to cook comfortably. A two-quart pot is perfect for preparing or reheating small portions. Evenly–distributed heat makes it especially ideal for grains without scorching or sticking. Solo cooks will find it especially useful due to its small size. 

3-QT Pot + Lid

The three-quart pot may be one of the most versatile tools in a chef’s kitchen as it makes it easy to prepare grains, sauces, and other favorite foods. It’s ideal for pasta and steaming vegetables as well. The pot in this set weighs two pounds, and the included 8” lid will also fit the 8” pan, sold separately. 

8-QT Pot + Lid

Feel free to leave this king of stockpots on the stove where you’ll use it often to prepare large portions of pasta, slow simmer soups and stews, prepare your BBQ for the grill, steam seafood, or make applesauce. The possibilities are endless, and every kitchen and chef, should have a high-quality and versatile stockpot at hand. The pot weighs four pounds, and the included 10” lid will also fit the 10” pan, sold separately.

Patented Cookware Technology

This trio of cookware is designed with unique, patented technology that sets the standard for high-quality kitchenware just a little bit higher. The 6-piece trio is the perfect way to add the most versatile pot sizes to your kitchen arsenal, but why choose this innovative science? It’s in the hexagon-designed cooking surface.

How It Works: The Science

The unique cooking surface is the first thing you’ll notice. Its hexagon design creates peaks of stainless steel and non-stick valleys with a center layer of aluminum for ideal heat distribution. The magnetic stainless steel layer makes the cookware perfect for gas, electric, magnetic induction, and other cooking methods. 

The Benefits of This Trio

We’ve already covered a few of the many benefits of investing in a solid and well-designed set of pots that include the ones you’ll use the most, no matter what’s on the menu. By choosing a solid, well-designed set that uses the most modern and innovative cooking technology, you’ll get even more satisfaction from the time you spend in the kitchen: 

  • Excellent Temperature Control: Aluminum conducts heat evenly and effectively. Remember to turn down the temp or you’re likely to burn.

  • Non-Stick Surface: The non-stick valleys in the cooking surface allow for easy cooking. Be sure to season your pan before the first use. 

  • Fantastic Searing Power: The stainless steel peaks in the cooking surface design gives you the sear you are looking for, even with the non-stick surface. 

  • Metal Utensil Safe: Feel free to use your favorite metal utensils with the best cookware. They are durable and stand up to utensils, but you should still avoid sharp edges like knives.

  • Oven Safe: Because the cookware is safe for temperatures up to 500 degrees, you can move your pot or pan to the oven to finish cooking.

  • Stay-Cool Handles: While cooking on the stovetop, pot handles will stay cool to the touch so you can cook comfortably and worry more about what’s in the pan.

  • Dishwasher Safe: They are easy to clean and can even be added to the dishwasher. 

  • Lifetime Warranty: This cookware trio is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. 

Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite Cookware

There’s a lot to be said about this pot set and its unique features that make it a favorite among both home and restaurant chefs. Gordon Ramsay has chosen this cookware for his own home kitchen and is sharing it through his TV shows, cookbooks, a cooking academy, and social media. It takes a lot to impress a guy like Ramsay, and this cookware was up to the task. 

Knowing that the cookware you choose is used in five-star restaurants worldwide and by one of the most recognizable chefs today will make you feel even better about your choice to elevate your kitchen to a higher status. The trio bundle offers the most versatile sizes to get your kitchen started on the path to a well-equipped cookware lineup or round out the collection you’ve already started.

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