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Zappa Toscano and Big Night for #MovieandMunchies

 Welcome to the August edition of Movie and Munchies where a group of food bloggers and Instagrammers merge together, watch the same movie, and take inspiration from the film to cook up something delicious.  We watched Big Night starring Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub, two brothers who came together to America from Italy to open a restaurant.  This charming movie takes you through the daily trials of the food business and with a bold ending.

"Big Night" was written by Joseph Tropiano and Stanley Tucci and co-directed by Tucci and Campbell Scott.  They worked together to make this movie just want they wanted, a simple risotto with exquisite flavor.

I have two favorite scenes, the first being when a beautiful timpano was sliced open and the patrons sigh with delight as it steams with perfection.  I love watching their eyes close as they take that first bite.  The second is when Tucci makes a simple but perfect omelet, sharing it with his brother and a kitchen worker in the early hours after the "Big Night."  After watching Tucci's technique, I have tried making an omelet the same way, but I believe mine is even better.  

In  a world where people can go broke by cooking great food, the restaurant's ending is painful. It made me wonder where in my own neighborhood this is happening.  I want to find it and share it with the world using social media and good reviews, something not available to Primo and Secondo.  Great names for the older and younger brother, don't you think?

So how was I inspired?  I tried the omelet and if I ever see Timpano on a menu, I will try it.  But for now, in the middle of summer, we made a delicious soup with fresh kale from the Farmers Market.  It's easy and delicious and tastes like you have slaved over the stove for hours!  

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  1. Thanks for joining me this month Terri. I was tempted to make a timpano but it seemed daunting to me.

  2. This is a favorite soup of mine. I loved the scenes you mention. I made the omelet after reading Taste. It's a perfect recipe and technique.


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