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Elegant Everyday Fine Jewelry Collections For Minimalists

 As a minimalist, your goal is to own as little as possible to maintain a particular lifestyle. Jewelry is something most minimalists have to consider seriously because you may still want to own jewelry but also want to own as least of it as possible.

If you are a minimalist and like jewelry, you must design a jewelry collection that suits your lifestyle. The jewelry collection must be suitable enough to ensure you can have jewelry for any occasion. However, you should also have enough variety to match your wardrobe.

The following are pieces you can have for an elegant everyday fine jewelry collection for minimalists: 


As a minimalist considering a jewelry collection, you should start with the basics, and it does not get more straightforward than a necklace. A necklace or chokers for women should be part of every minimalist’s jewelry collection.

A delicate chain necklace or pendant with a locket or gemstone is necessary. You can have one necklace for everyday wear and another for special occasions. If you only want one necklace, try and make the necklace a simple one that is not too flashy.

Depending on the occasion, you can dress it up for a fancy dinner or down for the office. As a minimalist, you should choose the material and gemstone on the necklace carefully, as it may be your only one. 


Earrings are another basic type of jewelry; even most minimalists who don’t own other jewelry will have earrings. Earrings can be obscure, especially if you have long hair, which is excellent for those who do not want to showcase their jewelry.

Earrings are small and do not require much storage space, so you can have more of them than other types of jewelry. When it comes to earrings, there are two main choices: studs or hoops. 

You can choose to have both or several earrings of one kind, depending on your taste and preferences. If you choose studs, you will rarely go wrong with diamonds. On the other hand, golden hoop earrings are a classic. Ensure you can wear the earrings you choose with any outfit.


Rings are another staple piece of jewelry that a jewelry-loving minimalist should have in their closet. Choosing a ring may be the most challenging part of creating a fine jewelry collection as a minimalist because of the wealth of options.

It would be best to choose a classic ring, for example, a golden band, because it will never go out of style.

You could also choose a diamond ring if you can afford it. You should know the right place to buy your first diamond ring to make the right decision. Two rings of different gemstones and settings should be enough for a minimalist's jewelry collection. 


Bracelets could also be part of a minimalist’s elegant everyday jewelry collection. As with rings, you have plenty of choices for bracelets.

You can easily store many bracelets even as a minimalist, so you can get as many as you want. However, you may want to get a few elegant pieces suitable for any occasion. The classic bangle is an excellent choice as it is timeless, and you can wear it with just about anything.

It would be best if you also considered bracelets made from other metals. Embellishments such as charms can add variety to bracelets allowing you to own less than you would otherwise, so choose wisely. Unlike rings and necklaces, bracelets are often affordable, which means you have more variety in your collection and will not be as devastated if any is stolen or lost. 


The prevalent use of smartphones and other smart wearable devices has made using watches to tell time obsolete. However, watches are still a fashion statement that you can add to your elegant jewelry collection even as a minimalist.

As with other jewelry on this list, it would be best to stick to the classics. A golden or silver watch will not rust or go out of style, so you can wear one for decades. There are many embellishment options for watches, so consider your options before choosing a watch you may wear for the next decade. 

Statement Pieces

As said before, you will probably want simple but elegant jewelry pieces you can wear daily as a minimalist. However, you can have a few statement pieces you wear occasionally.

These pieces will be more expensive and eccentric than your other jewelry pieces, and it would be best to store them separately. However, if you often go to corporate or entertainment events, they could come in handy so consider adding them to your collection. 

The jewelry you add to your elegant everyday collection as a minimalist will depend on how often you wear them and how much of a minimalist you are. Watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and anklets by Puravida Bracelets are the basics that should be part of your collection-the simpler, the better. However, consider adding statement pieces to your jewelry collection for special occasions.

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  1. Hannah Bures6:08 PM

    These are great jewelry pieces! I am not able to wear a lot of bracelets with my line of work but I do wear a watch everyday!

  2. You have an awesome list here. I have always liked minimalist jewelry.

  3. These sound like wonderful pieces to wear with most any outfit. I will have to check them out.

  4. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Thanks for sharing these resources! I love minimalist jewelry. Looking forward to adding to my collection.

  5. Richelle Milar4:00 AM

    Having a jewelry is not just for fashion for me it’s also a investment. I want a minimalis and elegant looking rings.

  6. Rose Ann Sales4:05 AM

    I always wanted a minimalist and pretty kinds of jewelry. It makes me feel more confident when I wear jewelry.

  7. These are good suggestions for people looking to wear accessories regularly!

  8. Love finding good pieces like these. I love a good pair of earrings.

  9. I'd like a new ring for myself. The ring will represent a promise that I made to myself.

  10. I used to wear earrings once in a blue moon. I like them but I just never wear them anymore. Not sure why. I don't wear any other jewelry.

  11. I am that type of person. I love jewelry but I don't always feel comfortable to use. This is a good compromise!

  12. I do like the minimalist style. I would like to have some more pieces of jewelry to wear to work, and this is a nice selection.

  13. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I love jewelry. And I do have a few pieces that I wear regularly and other pieces that I only wear on special occasions. -LYNNDEE

  14. I've never been big on jewelry, but I do have a couple simple rings and my watch.


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