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Smart Tips To Find The Perfect Gift For Your Loved One

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Finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be a difficult and time-consuming task. During the holidays alone, people spend up to 15 hours shopping to find the perfect gift. If you want to become the best gift giver, here are a few tips to help you know how to find the best gifts for your loved ones. 

  1. Note down their interests

If you want to be known as the best giver, it’s time to start paying attention to your loved ones. You can find a gift that best suits their personality, interests, and hobbies. There are a few questions to ask yourself. For example, what do they love to do? If they love reading, you can try to get the latest book from their favorite author. 

But sometimes, you might want to stray from the obvious and what everyone knows. Sometimes, it’s good to give gifts that create new experiences. Keep an ear out for what they tell you. If they’ve expressed a desire to get into painting, you can get them a beginner’s art set. It can be the perfect way to jumpstart a new activity. Doing so will show how much attention you’ve been paying to them and how important their interests are to you. 

Choose useful gifts

Some people think practical gifts are boring, but that isn’t the case. If you want to find a useful gift for someone, ensure that you get them something they will also enjoy using and appreciate. Practical gifts like mugs, socks, and other items are fine, but they are not as imaginative. 

Instead, get them a useful gift they can use when doing something that interests them. For example, if your loved one enjoys cooking and experimenting with recipes, you can get them new cooking tools, especially if they have old or outdated ones. You can also give them grocery vouchers so they can stock up on ingredients for those yummy meals they prepare. 

Not only will they appreciate this gesture, but you will also give them something that makes their experiences even more enjoyable. And they will never forget how much effort you put into bringing a smile to their face. Think about custom socks, which really make an impact on your gift-giving!

Gift experiences


When you think of giving gifts, you probably think of physical items or objects. But there are various ways to give gifts to the people in your life. So, ditch the physical gifts and give them experiences instead, especially if you’re looking for new ways to surprise them. Tickets to concerts or games are a great way to create beautiful memories. Just make sure it’s to their favorite performer or sports team!

You can also take them out to dinner or spend the day with them doing all the things they enjoy. If you have a little extra financial room, you can send them on a trip abroad or whisk them away on a mini staycation. Even if you want to give them a physical gift, you can create an experience. Scavenger hunts are a great way to lead your loved ones to their gifts. They’ll appreciate spending quality time with you. 

Don’t be afraid to DIY

Buying gifts for a loved one is an excellent idea. It’s quicker, and you have several options to choose from. But there’s nothing more like a personal touch than a gift you made yourself. You don’t have to be the most talented or artistic person. After all, it’s the thought and effort that count. But it would be a good idea to lean into your strengths to help you craft the perfect gift for your loved one

If you’re a writer, you can write a lovely poem in their honor, or if you enjoy baking, why not bake them a delicious birthday cake or their favorite cookies? You can even make them a decorative piece that they can use to spruce up their living space and think of you each time they see it. Don’t be afraid to use your skills to make the perfect gift. 

Check their wish list

A lot of people have a wish list of items that they want. If you have access to your loved one’s wish list, use it to your advantage. If they don’t have online profiles of what they want, you can still get an idea from other people they know. Also, keep an ear out for what they say offhandedly. 

Your loved ones will appreciate the thought and effort you put into finding the best gift for them. Plus, you’ll earn bragging rights as the best gift giver in your circle. It seems like the perfect win-win situation.

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  1. I wish I could DIY. I tend to buy from Etsy from people who can and give those as gifts a lot. Or I do gift cards!

  2. These are great points! I do try to choose gifts that are useful and don't just add to clutter around the home.

  3. Richelle Milar6:03 AM

    These are all really great and very helpful tips! Thanks for sharing this with us! I love to do a DIY gift for my mom’s birthday!

  4. These are great tips, it's definitely easier when you note your loved one's interests!!

  5. Great ideas here. I always love the idea of doing DIY. I've always loved receiving items that are homemade and giving them out. The idea of getting something that is homemade is always so special.

  6. These are all lovely gift suggestions. We quite like gift experiences as those can be pretty good fun.

  7. I like the idea of gifting an experience. I'm hoping to be able to surprise my son and take him to Disney before he graduates from high school.

  8. Why is it that people that you are closest to are the hardest to gift to! Thanks for this awesome guide!

  9. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I am totally loving this as it can be hard to find that perfect gift for the ones you love. Thank you and bookmarking this to come back to ;)

  10. I love your tips. It really makes a lot of sense to check their list first. Other than that, anything useful would be great.

  11. Something useful is always a good thing. That's why hubby usually gets some sort of tool.

  12. Thanks for sharing such amazing article to help us to find that perfect gift! For me, I would definitely prefer the DIY as making it from the heart is so much value that just buying something!

  13. Anonymous10:34 PM

    These were some great tips! I have always tried to be personal when it comes to gift-giving. I’ll have to keep these in mind, thanks for sharing -AJ

  14. I think it's easy to find the right gift for the person you love. You just need to listen and to ask the right questions to know more about him/her!


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