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How to Keep the Sofa Clean, Hygienic, and Debris-Free?

 The sofa is the coziest corner and is the best place to cuddle up with a book, some coffee, or snacks. However, snacking on a pack of chips while watching TV might leave behind a trail of particles or debris. Spillage of coffee or any liquid food item stains the sofa upholstery. The corners and crevices of the sofa are often breeding grounds for dust, dirt, and contaminants. 


Want to keep the sofa clean and improve indoor hygiene condition? Here are a few ways to keep the sofa clean, free of germs, and reduce the occurrence of infection or disease.


Cover the sofa with sofa covers 


One of the easiest ways to clean the sofa is by covering it with covers. The cover is easy to wash and protects the sofa upholstery from accumulating dirt and dust. Use fabric that does not trap dust easily, and regularly dust the sofa surface. 

       The sofa cover protects the sofa from damage and improves its durability. The cover reduces damage to the sofa fabric.

       Covering the sofa with fabric prevents it from staining. It keeps the sofa clean and maintains a neat environment. 

       Sofa covers protect the sofa upholstery or fabric from damage by pets. Also, it ensures that the sofa remains odor free. 


Clean using an eco-friendly cleaning spray


The sofa cleaning spray is a powerful solution that helps eliminate rigid stains and spots from the sofa. Mix the spray with plain water and spray on sofa fabric for quick and efficient removal of grease marks, stains, and residues. Make sure to purchase a cleaning spray that is non-toxic, chemical-free, and leaves the sofa smelling fresh. Read the instructions on using the cleaning spray before spraying it on the sofa.


Time-to-time vacuuming of sofa


It is challenging to clean the dirt or dust from the narrow corners of the sofa. Hence, the vacuum cleaner is the best way to suck out loose dirt or crumbs from difficult corners. The vacuum uses a range of detachable accessories or tools to remove dust or dirt from deep crevices or sofa fissures. The air-powered turbo upholstery nozzle is effective in the removal of mites, pet hair, and debris.


Use steam cleaners to eliminate pathogens


The steam cleaners for the sofa are quite effective in eliminating and removing pathogens and microbes like a virus, bacteria, allergens etc. The steam cleaners release heated steam that helps kill contaminants and keep the space free of disease. It uses heat and pressure to deep clean the sofa surface, successfully eliminating 99% of pathogens. These are used for disinfection purposes and to improve indoor hygiene.


Impact of regular cleaning of the sofa 


The sofa is one of the favorite spots at home but also accumulates a lot of unchecked dust or debris. With children jumping on the sofa or pets running around, it requires cleaning for long-term maintenance. Vacuuming the sofa, steam cleaning, and using an effective cleaning spray helps reduce allergens or air-borne disease from sofa dust or dirt.

       Sofa and upholstery are prone to accumulate dirt, mites, bugs, spores, germs, etc., that cause respiratory conditions or infection. Cleaning the sofa occasionally improves indoor hygiene and prevents it from becoming a breeding ground for allergens and pathogens.

       As it improves indoor hygiene, it helps in improving health conditions. Maintaining regular upholstery and sofa cleansing reduces the presence of irritants and keeps everyone safe.

       It extends the sofa's life by keeping it clean and dust-free. The professional sofa cleaners ensure thorough cleaning, removing stains and eliminating any lingering odor. Removing dust and grime successfully enhances the sofa's durability and upholstery.

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