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What is the Paul Ehline Motorcycle Ride Against Cancer?

 Paul Ehline was a proud military veteran of the United States of America, and later, he continued serving his country as Sergeant Paul Ehline. Sgt. Paul Ehline has left so many memories for the people close to him and those he had helped throughout his life.

Even after his passing, he is loved and admired by those who recognize his duty to the country and his honor. When the Paul Ehline Memorial Ride Military War Veteran's Non-Profit was established, there was no help for vets beyond basic VA care, which was flimsy at best. But Paul's son, a personal injury attorney, moved forward to try and lobby to change that. This developed into a worldwide motorcycle ride against service-related cancer.

Proud Father's Proud Son

Michael Ehline is the son of Sergeant Paul Ehline, and he is also very proud of the dedication and service of his father. Michael Ehline was greatly inspired by how his father spent his life, and he even followed in his footsteps by joining the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

After serving as a USMC Marine, Michael Ehline earned the same honor as he was discharged from duty. However, the journey of serving his country did not stop there for Michael Ehline.

Michael Ehline's Dedication to Carry Forward Legacy of Sergeant Paul Ehline

Michael Ehline was determined to serve his country and the people with honor and dedication. This is why Michael Ehline decided to take a step further in his life and gain more exposure to the world of law.

Michael Ehline was determined to go the extra mile, so he decided to burn candles at both ends. He not only continued working, but he also started to study law. He had dedicated himself to becoming a law student and continued studying under a judge.

Finally, Michael Ehline’s dedication paid off, and he successfully passed the law getting his Juris Degree (JD). Still, Michael Ehline wanted to keep honoring his father, and nothing made him prouder than knowing that his father served in the USMC.

Michael Ehline Wants to Honor the Duty and Honor of his Father

Michael Ehline has continued writing in honor of Sgt. Paul Ehline has even set up a ride for the same purpose. Even after getting discharged from the USMC, Paul Ehline continued exemplifying the duty and honor with the same values.

Even in the final days of his life, Paul Ehline was very proud of being a marine. He was even proud of being a family man. Most importantly, he felt proud to be a strong believer in Jesus Christ. Paul Ehline proved to be very strong and firm against hardships at every turn of his life.

Cancer Took Paul Ehline's Life

Unfortunately, the man who had overcome all hardships and difficulties in his life ended up losing his life to Cancer. The man had never given up on any challenge, but cancer was something that ended up defeating him. Paul Ehline was someone who had survived Vietnam and even PTSD.

Ehline Law Firm Sponsors the Run in Paul Ehline's Honor

Therefore, a ride run is sponsored by the Ehline Law Firm APLC Personal Injury Attorneys to honor Paul Ehline and his service to the country and its people. The run is considered a tradition that will be celebrated and honored for years. It has been sponsored as an annual tradition that will be joined by those who want to honor Paul Ehline.  For RequestLegalHelp.com please contact the link to find out more about these specific and worthy resources.


The run is not exclusive to certain people but to everyone who wishes to become part of it and commemorate the role of Paul Ehline in his prime and old age. The run welcomes all from the general public, but it welcomes those who had been part of the military, especially the USMC.

Michael Ehline's Statement in Honor of His Father

As per Michael Ehline, the run is not just to commemorate his father but to honor his values and the teachings he left behind for him. As per him, his father served on the field with some of the toughest people that the country had produced.

Michael Ehline remarks that it is because of his father and strong and tough people like him who have made the country prosper and keep its head high.

He is honored that the newer generation picked up the torch that people like his father handed over when they were done serving their country. He is also very proud that he had the opportunity to hold the same torch and then hand it over to the newer generation as he was discharged from his services.

According to Michael, it is an attempt to honor how his father lived his life, honor his values, and say “thank you” to him for his struggles.

The Purpose of the Ride

The purpose of “The Sergeant Paul Ehline Annual Ride” is to bring together amazing folks and have them work with each other. The annual event is organized to honor the efforts of the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club LMCI, and other M/C's.

The chapter had agreed that it would honor Paul Ehline, who had served in the Marine Corps and had dedicated his life to his country. The chapter is determined to keep honoring Paul Ehline and hold a memorial ceremony for him.

The Memorial Extends to Every Person Serving the Country

According to Michael Ehline, the memorial is not just for his father or marine. The memorial is for anyone who has been, is, and will serve the country. The memorial is to honor every person, not just his father or his passing.

Michael Ehline states that a warrior's loyalty is not fighting alone but also to his brothers in arms. He wants to honor all the efforts, struggles, difficulties, and hardships he and his brothers in arms had to face in Vietnam. Even after returning from Vietnam, his life was a struggle, and he faced it with honor and pride.

Honor in Serving the Country

Michael Ehline was also a part of the United States Marine Corps. He could feel how his father would have felt as he served his country. He also felt a sense of loyalty and honor when he joined the USMC and understood what his father must have felt when he joined the military.

As per him, no bond in the world is stronger than the one found between the marines.

Ehline Law Firm and Its Connection With Vets

Ehline Law Firm, which Michael Ehline and his partners run, is taking Paul Ehline's legacy forward by serving the country's people differently. If you want to know more about Ehline Law Firm, you can visit them by typing in "Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC on Google.

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Liability Insurance Claim

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Paul Ehline Ride - Helping Vets Recover Compensation Under the PACT ACT

Are you interested in receiving PACT ACT compensation? Learn more about benefits beyond what you would receive from a VA claim by reading the article, PACT Act & VA Benefits, here. Everything vets and other heroes need to know is at the above link. In closing, remember to stay safe when on your annual ride against cancer so you can avoid motorcycle accidents, brain injury, etc. If you need outstanding legal help, now you can rest assured as a veteran with cancer-related to contaminated water that you have top legal advocates on your team.

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  1. Bless his family for wanting to not honor him but to help others out in the same situation.

  2. Being the daughter of a VET, I truly appreciate those who do things like this. We really need to care better for our VETs after their service.

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  4. What a great way to raise money. It is a perfect excuse for a bike ride.

  5. It's sad that Paul was lost to cancer, but it is nice to see the good that is coming from those honoring his life.

  6. Richelle Milar8:07 AM

    Showing appreciation like this is so amazing. We must show our love and appreciation to all vets because that is what they deserve.

  7. His story is inspiring to all of us. I love hoe he never forgot his duty to the country and his honor.

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