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The Complete Guide to Designing Your Home to Look Like a Magazine Cover

For those people who love interior design but also have a sense of style and an eye for luxury, magazines are the perfect way to express their creativity. But when it comes to having your interior design look like a magazine cover, it can be hard because there is no single area of expertise. There are more than enough interior design magazines out there, from Better Homes & Gardens, to Southern Homes, but it goes well far beyond just these two. 

But in the end, the covers of the interior magazines are nothing short of complete beauty. But how can one make their home just as beautiful as these spaces? How can you make your home look like a magazine cover? Keep reading on to learn more!

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The outside is just as important as the inside

When you’re starting out, the goal is to make the entire house, both inside and out, look just as beautiful. Both areas, including all the rooms, need to look like they’re fit to be in a magazine. So, this is the very first thing you need to consider above all else. But, it is going to go beyond this too. You’ll need to work on the outside, and this can include all the nitty gritty just as the siding for your gutters, the landscaping of your lawn, but even right down to where your trash cans are located. Make sure to prioritize everything equally.

Utilize timeless elements rather than run for trends

When looking at magazine covers, or even the contents inside these interior magazines, do you notice any trends? For the most part, magazines like to feature trendy spaces but will often not try to boast it too much. So, whenever you’re working on your home, it’s fine to bring in modern elements, but you don’t want to bring in trends. 

Better yet, just make sure what you’re incorporating is something that you personally like. Timeless goes a long way, so make sure you prioritize timeless elements and furnishings. However, it’s found to bring small trendy or modern elements in, as long as it’s small, as these can help elevate the space and give it a small refresh.

Create a centralized theme and style

This doesn’t mean that your space needs to be mid-century modern or a country farmhouse. It’s more about having a structure within the style all figured out. So, ensure there is a theme and style that you can look into when doing all of this.

For example, if you are decorating your bedroom, it's a good idea to choose the right bed. If you decide to go with a king size mission bed you will need to decorate around this centerpiece to make sure all the other furnishings blend in seamlessly.

Avoid cookie cutter nonsense

Those beautiful homes in magazines do not look cookie cutter, so why go after a cookie cutter appearance? These go against the grain; decorative accents in these covers are created by local artisans or handcrafted in other parts of the world. The decor is not purchased from the local TJ Max. So, when decorating this space to look like a magazine cover, make sure it doesn’t look like every other space you find on TV, on social media, or even what’s in stores. Be different and embrace it!

Let your home be a true reflection of you

Above all else, if you’re going to want to make sure that this space truly reflects you and who you are. The homes in these magazines are a true reflection of the owner, so yours should be the same! If you’re questioning “what to improve in your home” then the first thing is to make sure that it’s a true reflection of you. 

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